My Chinese New Year (Diary Entry)

My Chinese New Year (Diary Entry)

Wong Ka Ying 2A (30)


In this Chinese New Year holiday, Chinese New Year’s Day and the Western Valentine’s Day were on the same day. On that day, my family and I went to my eldest uncle’s house. I have received a lot of red packets. In the evening, we went to a great restaurant for dinner. I received more that 20 red packets.


Another day, we went to my aunt’s house to celebrate Chinese New Year and my cousin’s birthday. Actually, my cousin’s birthday is on February 14th but we didn’t have time so we celebrated my cousin’s birthday on another day.

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44 Responses to My Chinese New Year (Diary Entry)

  1. 文光仔 說道:

    O is very good.because i very like Chinese New Year and Chinese New Year day is my birthday.

  2. tom 說道:

    In your Chinese New Year holiday,your went to eat a delicious dinner ,but I have not eat a delicious dinner I only went to my grandmother home celebrate Chinese New Year holiday.1A 11

  3. Bibiii 說道:

    Look like you is very happy in Chinese New Year!During Chinese New Year, I went to my cousin\’s home to receive many red packets and ate a big meal,it\’s very happy!How many red pacekets do you have?I love Chinese New Year,You love too? 1A 25

  4. sheepbook 說道:

    Your chinese New Year holiday is a good holiday.Are you have how many money?But you can\’t to celebrated your cousin\’s birthday,this is very unlucky.1A 17 Ben

  5. Tszying 說道:

    yeah,that day is very amazing.two Festival were on the same day.I think you had great day on that day. right?And you had many red packets .Me too…..

  6. a 說道:

    u are so good in the Chinese New Year. I in Chinese New Year too. i with my cousin play games together is very happy too.i get a lot of red packets for relatives . jeffrey 1a 26

  7. p JOE qx 說道:

    you have more that 20 red packets????? i only have 17 red packets(~_~)迅帝

  8. 蔥明仔 說道:

    hello.i am David you and i were the same because you and i received many red packets. i am very happy . i hope next Chinese New Year. i can receive more red packets . do you?

  9. 說道:

    Y0 Man` ….In this Chinese New Year holiday ,,You only HAVE more that 20 red packets???l have more that 21 red packets, kaka!.,YOU DID NOT GAVE ME A RED PACKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!JuDY`

  10. 詩琳 說道:

    I think you happy,because you can got a lof of red packets and Chinese New Year Day is your cousin birthday.Lai Sze Lam

  11. 虾米 說道:

    You received more that 20 red packets but I received only a few so if I have to mach red packets I will bay many snacks . Western Valentine’s Day is your consin\’s birthday your consin\’s is very lucky.Lau Kit(Kitty)1A14

  12. 膠兒x小布 說道:

    In your Chinese New Year is a very good holiday. I want to my grandfather home only,but it\’s very happy!Are you like Chinese New Year?1a 12

  13. 鹏飞 說道:

    Ken Lee 1A(15)You are very lucky!Because you received more that 20 red packets.but I had only 15 red packets.At this Chinese New Year I went to a restaurant for dinner.

  14. 雅盛 說道:

    I like Chinese New Year because i can received very red packets so i and you are very happy

  15. 法希 說道:

    l received many red packets too!l have 36 red packets!hope you can take good lucky!see you seen!

  16. Kwan Ho 說道:

    I am eddie.I feel that you were vary happpy because ,you received more that 20 red packets but Where did you go to a Chinese restaurant? In Chinese New Year holiday,I went back to China. I very happy when Chinese New Year too.1A Eddie 8

  17. 福誠 說道:

    you are very careful because you worte very clearly.

  18. Henry Tsang. 說道:

    Was the red packets had a many money?I am jealous of you had more that red packets!Ha!But I had 15 red pockets and I felt excited very much!Wish you on next Chinese New Year have more that 30 red packets!Good luck for you!^_^

  19. wing man 說道:

    I very like your diary,beacuse i very like Chinese New Year Day and the Valentine Day during the Chinese New Year ,you have any activities.1a10

  20. 說道:

    You are very lucky because you received more 20 red packets.I received so less red packets.You love Chinese New Year?

  21. 倩文 說道:

    ln this chinese New Year holiday,l was very happy,because l ate a delicacy’s family dinner.ln the holiday l can received a lot of red packets.

  22. lam 說道:

    david le 1A 16you are very lucky. you received more red packrts!but I\’m not.During the Chinese New Year holiday,my family and I went to Zhu Hai.but not went to a great restaurant for dinner,we only went to a normal restaurant for are lucky.

  23. chipan 說道:

    very good.because you have so much money.but i am not have so much money.Howevery,I will have so much money 1a 01

  24. Queenie 說道:

    i love chinese new year .because i could also receive lots of red packets,in this year,i have more than 15 red chinese new year ,i could eat a yummy dinner. so, i like the chinese new year.1a24

  25. meiting 說道:

    in chinese new year ,my family went to my grandfather and grandmother home to celebrate Chinese New Year , in there had two little cats , they are so lovely ! pang mei ting write………………………..

  26. 咩咩 說道:

    In the Chinese New Year,i received many red packets too,but the ralative is very mean,gave me coins!che choi lam

  27. 家。富☆♀ 說道:

    In the Chinese New Year.I received more 18 red packets.fong ka fu 2B 08

  28. x怡 說道:

    HI,i am 2B leung siu yi. you Chinese New Year holiday is very funny.

  29. 鯨魚 說道:

    In the New Year, my family and I eat dinner…very happy…=]2b29

  30. 人一個 說道:

    Oh~I received red packets is 21my cousin birthday is so late2B(13)

  31. 34 說道:

    Hi!My name is Chak Sin Yee 2B(01).I fell your Chinese New Year is very funny,beacure you should on one day received more than 20 red packets.ByBy!

  32. Unknown 說道:

    hi,i an 2b chan lun hin,you chinese new year is very happy

  33. 大愛 說道:

    20red packets is very goodIreceived more 30 red packets.2B LAU WING SAM (12)

  34. 卓恆 說道:

    I agree you . I receive 30 red packets

  35. 說道:

    you are red packet have many money;you are very rich;your family is kind v3v;\’!]

  36. 說道:

    I like that ….well done… harder !

  37. 望星 說道:

    It`s very bad but it`s very funny .You need work harder.I didn`t love it.sorry~~~~~~you is bag !!!!!!!!!!!

  38. ying 說道:

    Thank your comment ^O^I am very happy!!!!2A kaying:D

  39. Unknown 說道:

    yoy are so good i like your Chinese New Year

  40. Daniel 說道:

    I like that too,your writing skill is getting betterwork harder^^

  41. Unknown 說道:

    well doneI are red packet have many money

  42. 說道:

    It\’s very funny,well done,your\’s family is very kind

  43. 說道:

    your essay is good,I feel you will write a lot of good essay and your chinese new year is very interesting andamazing.

  44. 耀南 說道:

    you are so good i like your Chinese New Year


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