Chinese New Year (Diary Entry)

Chinese New Year (Diary Entry)

Alan So 2A (26)


On the first day of Chinese New Year, my family and I went back to our home town and visited my grandparents. My grandfather welcomed us at the village entrance. When we went into the middle of the village, I could see my grandfather’s home.  I saw my cousins were over there. They were eating Chinese New Year’s food while talking with my uncle and aunt. My cousins saw me like a superstar. They welcomed me too.


In New Year, we need to say “gong hei fat choi” to adults, afterwards, we can get red packets. So, I followed suit to say that to my uncle. They gave me red packets at once. I was very happy at that time because each red packet has money inside.


I played fireworks with my cousins too. That was interesting. I did not know it was a new firework so I bought this for the first time. When I started to play this firework, I discovered that this has too many ways to play. Some ways are very fun too.


I was very pleased in Chinese New Year.

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10 Responses to Chinese New Year (Diary Entry)

  1. 文光仔 說道:

    O I like your Chinese New Year very much because they visited grandparents . get red packets is my very like

  2. tom 說道:

    you was very happy when you played fierwork and got a lot of red packet ,but I have not a lot of red packet.In New Year,I have played a lot of fireworks too.1A 11

  3. 說道:

    oh!! i think you were very happy in your cousins home and you were like a superstar! you got many red packets. i think you were very excited!! i hope i can play fireworks too.on the first day of Chinese New Year,i also got many red packet too!1A yuen hong wai 27

  4. sheepbook 說道:

    oh. you are pleased in Chinese New Year,but I\’m not because I had many homework and I couldn\’t finish it in this Chinese New Year so I\’m not happy. 1A 17 Ben

  5. Tszying 說道:

    Nice article,i like it.where is your home town ? Playing fireworks is really interesting . I played fireworks on Chinese New Year too.My home town is in panyu. and you?

  6. 鹏飞 說道:

    At this Cinese New Year,I went to visited my grandparents.My grandfather welcomed us at the village too.You and your cousins have good relationship.

  7. ●『糖』 說道:

    This Chinese New Year , I was very happy because this year money was so many~!I wish I was a new shoes , bye bye2B04 Tong

  8. lam 說道:

    1A 16 le lamYou are very lucky, there are cousins next to you and accompany you to play, I am he wishes to go to my grandparents house, a cousin none of return, is in the next few days, my cousin came back and it did not so boring , Our family also went to Zhuhai to play.

  9. 肥邱 說道:

    welldone!good job in here!never give up!

  10. 說道:

    Who is the superstar;???/I want to know;Can you tell me;???/-3-;]


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