Ricky Ng

English is currently an international language, so we need to be more hardworking to study English.  However, we rarely communicate with others in English.  Therefore, our school is thinking about having an English Speaking Day to give students more practice using English.  Let me tell you the advantages and disadvantages of having a day like this.


Let me tell you about the English Speaking Day’s advantages.  First, this day can give us an opportunity to practise English.  We can use English to talk with classmates, teachers and especially principal who prefers students to use English and speak to him.  Next, that day can increase our interests in English because we can use English to talk to each other.  When we encounter unfamiliar vocabulary, we can learn from each other.  It not only can raise our interests, but also can introduce us a variety of vocabulary.  It has double benefits.


I will tell you about the disadvantages.  In fact, having an English Speaking Day and learning English is no harm.  However, for the students who are very poor in English may feel depressed and anxious.  However, do not worry about it.  I think the student helpers or teachers will help them.


Finally, English is an international language.  We must know that.  Having an English Speaking Day is good for all the students and it is a special activity.  Looking forward to seeing you on that day if the English Speaking Day is held.

本篇發表於 S4。將永久鏈結加入書籤。

25 Responses to Blog

  1. HoYin 說道:

    your blog is very great and very meaningful . I agree speak is very hard and Imust to face that . I hope everyone can do that. My name is Ricky too.Ricky Yip 3A 36

  2. Tze Kit 說道:

    I think your passenage can help some poor students. And school can copy some worksheets to hlep some poor students.4A(P)Kwan Tze Kit

  3. 夜夜 說道:

    I agree your points , i think english day is good for us ,it is because that day we can try to use english to talk with someone, and we can learn some new words on that day. 4B33 Yuen Chun Ho

  4. yk 說道:

    I also think English is an international language, so we must study more English. Then if we go on a trip, we also use English. English Speaking Day can help us speak English better.4D18=)`

  5. kit 說道:

    That great!I agree yours say English is currently and important!

  6. 思維 說道:

    I agree with you . In that , i think English is an international language . If school held a English Day , i will take part in that . However , some students not good at English , they can ask the teachers and classmates .4b Cindy lai

  7. 說道:

    The first paragraph is very long.However,you can use some conjunction.Make an extra effort!!!There may be room for improvement!!!Chester 4c 25

  8. Christy 說道:

    Yes,It is true that English is very important. Also having English Specking Day can improve our English skills. Moreover,having English Specking Day.can make students interested in English. It\’s a nice article. ^_^

  9. Ho Tin 說道:

    Hello, I think your article is very good, because you can very simply play the advantages and disadvantages of English Speaking Day, and the writing is fluent so I think this is a good text.4D 30 Mr.Tsang HoTIN

  10. tik man 說道:

    i agree with you,because English is anyone know how to talk and read.we can hold a English talk about students how to learn it easily except for hold an English Speaking Day .

  11. 駿儒 說道:

    English Speaking Day can let students learn more english and use english to talk with classmate . It is good for our growth .

  12. 川豪 說道:

    Yeah!!!! you are very good at English! I am jealou of you, as you can use some difficult words. However,you first paragrph very tall.

  13. 說道:

    I agree that. I think speak more english is good at us. I hope I can always speak English and use many special words or difficult words4A 14 Joe Lam

  14. 川豪 說道:

    Yeah!!!! you are very good at English! I am jealou of you, as you can use some difficult words. However,your first paragrph very long.

  15. Oscar 說道:

    I agree your points about advantages and disadvantages=)If I get some problems of writing, may you slove ?Yeung Chun Wai (Oscar) 4A (29)

  16. Siu Man 說道:

    That great.English Speaking Day can improve our language.I agree with your point.That may make students depressed and anxious

  17. roy 說道:

    朝偉哥;Yes ! I agree with you . I love English but I\’ don\’t know why my English is poor . I hope my English study recuce can improve .

  18. Wai Fung 說道:

    I think English-speaking Day is a good articitive .Because it must improve our English . It is well to find out a good job . it is very IMPORTANT!!!

  19. Vergil 頌 說道:

    English Speaking Day is a good day for students.Please keep hard wording to write more and more article.

  20. 非乂 說道:

    Hello!!! I think your first paragraph of this article is written very well, because the first paragraph to write in English for our benefit, but the first paragraph is too long, and can shorten the first paragraph.4A Four Eyes .Wong Fei

  21. 耀 說道:

    Oh~ yes! English is very important in the world.We should learn more and say more.If our school holds an English Speaking Day, I will invite my friends to come to my school and enjoy themselves.

  22. 說道:

    I agree with you since vocabulary is very important to speak with other people.But i also think students can enjoy speaking English and learning a variety of vocabulary.

  23. lamchi 說道:

    I agree with you about the advantage of the English Speaking day,it is right that every thing has its advantage and disadvantage,but if students do not try to speaking English,they would not learn English well foreve.

  24. kA YaN.... 說道:

    Chan Ka Yan Ya ! English is an useful and international language.Therefore,we have more practice using English .Our school alway hold some special day .eg, English Speaking Day……So,I agree with you too.

  25. AKUMA 說道:

    I agree with you I think English Speaking Day’s is very important. It can let me speak more English and make me learn more vocabulary and improve speaking skills.It is very inportant for students to learn English in fun.However,it is very short for English Speaking Day’s ,students maybe can not learn more English.I think student will like this.walker chung 4B09


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