Jade Yip

There’s no denying that English is an important language in the world so that each school wishes to improve students’ English skills just like speaking.


            In fact, students fear for speaking in English.  Therefore, with a view to improving students’ abilities of English, our school is thinking about having an English Speaking Day to give them more practice using English.


            It’s a good way to improve their communication skills and train their critical thinking.  Moreover, they can boost their self-confidence and expand their horizons.  More importantly, they can earn more money and work their way up in the future if they know English..


            However, learning a foreign language well should spend at least a few years on it.  It’s a difficult situation for students.  As a result, it’s easy for them to have an anxiety and depression and feel stressed.


            Nevertheless, learning English isn’t so difficult.  Why don’t we overcome these hurdles so that we can live more comfortably?

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32 Responses to Blog

  1. Bb仔 說道:

    Hi !My name is Zank , i feel the article is very good! i very like this actricle , in this actricle can show what i thing….but i thing you can do will be better than now!!!

  2. Owen 說道:

    Well,i think your writing skill is very good,i can learn alot of vocabulary here.Good Work,keep going!^^

  3. kit 說道:

    I think it\’s so good…Because she can talk about English advantage . but have many section.In large part she was well done!

  4. 說道:

    I think having an English Speaking Day at school is very important. So, I agree with you that. I hope our school can having English Speaking Day too! =]

  5. 駿儒 說道:

    Yes , i agree with you . English is very important in the would , because it is a international language .

  6. HO YI 說道:

    Yes ,english is an important language in the world too . I think Hong Kong students not have enough chance to speak English this day can give them more practice using English to speak.

  7. Wai Fung 說道:

    That\’s great!!I agree with you , English-speaking Day can make us improve our English . If we can speak more English in our reality , we must improve our English!!

  8. Siu Man 說道:

    I agree with your point.I think Engish Speaking Day can improve our languageI think we can hold other english advantage too

  9. Tze Kit 說道:

    I agree your points. It can help some students how to speak English because English is a important subject in the World and it is an international language.4A(P)Kwan Tze Kit

  10. Ricky 說道:

    ya,,, Learning English is difficult compare with Chinese ! i also think that we overcome these hurdles , we can live more comfortably !!!!

  11. Shuk 說道:

    I agree with you . English-speaking Day is a good way to learn . Moreover English is international language . So it\’s important for us!Wong Shuk Lan4D31

  12. Vergil 頌 說道:

    It is a very good reson for every school why holding the Endlish Day. It should help the student\’s English.English is an important language in the world. I think every school teacher should your article to know about the advantages and disadvantages.

  13. roy 說道:

    偉小寶;English is very important ! I hope i can get more knowledge ! I will try my best to learn English !

  14. Andy 說道:

    Andy Hou:Your worlds is very good and i like your point,becauce i think Eng. is an important language too.

  15. 夜夜 說道:

    I think your point is good!!! English is a difficult language, than we can try to say this language on english day. it is good for us.4B33 Yuen Chun Ho

  16. yk 說道:

    I agree with you. I also think we must improve us English. Even though they will feel stressed, English is an important language in the world! Speaking English has advantages more than disadvantage. So learning English is good for us.

  17. Oscar 說道:

    Hi, I\’m Oscar =)I just thaught that, "learning English isn\’t so difficult" I don\’t agree with you. Somebody who strength not good at EnglishBut, I like your acticle !Yeung Chun Wai (Oscar) 4A (29)

  18. 思維 說道:

    It is important for us to learn about English .So we want to work hard on English

  19. 川豪 說道:

    Yeah!!!!! I think your English is very good, and your point is good. I will read more English book now.

  20. 說道:

    The paragraph is very short and loose. The first paragraph is simple, so it is quite good. I hope you can best in next time.Chester 4c 25

  21. kA YaN.... 說道:

    ya! I think so!I think learning English is very important since English is main language in the world.Many nations use English to communicate.On the other hand , we can learn English at everyday life.So,learning English is not very hard.Chan Ka Yan 4C02

  22. wen 說道:

    I think your writing skill so good . If there is a main point in each paragraph will better !Cheung Ching Man4A33

  23. 樂兒 說道:

    I think your article is good and the English language is difficult to learn.4c07 Catherine

  24. tik man 說道:

    i agree with you ,because we can improve to talk English well can bebatter communicate with anyone.

  25. Ho Tin 說道:

    I think this article conjunction with the very good, also you have make so question to let us think english day have what good point.4A 30 Four Eyes.TSANG ho TIN

  26. 非乂 說道:

    I think English is important for us, so i think English Speaking Day is good for us.4A Four Eyes. Wong Fei

  27. lamchi 說道:

    It is no doubt that it is a good writing,but our teacher has said that this artical have a problen that it is too short to tall about the advantages of the speaking day,so Ithink you will do better next time.

  28. 說道:

    I agree your points,since the English Speaking Day can help them to learn how to speak English and raise up our self-condidence.But i also think can learn how to talk with other people.

  29. angelababy 說道:

    i agree your writings, because many students scared to confront the english so,i think our school have a English Speaking Day is good,this can help many scared to confront english students to learn more how to using english.

  30. tw 說道:

    2b20I think learning English is very important since English is main language in the world.Many nations use English to communicate.On the other hand , we can learn English at everyday life.So,learning English is not very hard.

  31. tsz long 說道:

    I argee with your writings.English Day is a good way to learn English speaking skills,because the English is the most important language in the world.We can raise up our self-confidence, so i think English Speaking Day is good for us.In the future,we will have many chances to speak and communicate with others.

  32. 說道:

    i agree with you the english is very important . but i think hard-working is important too. Therefore, we have to be brave to learn english.because being shy is an we can build up self-confidence.however we aren’t living in other country not always to say other language.4d chong ki po


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