sweet dumpling

sweet dumpling
Tang Wa Kei
I am writing to respond about article which called sweet dumpling.  This article is introducing a chinese traditional dessert called Tangyuan and it also told us that this traditional tangyuan were eaten during the Lantern Festival which is the 15th day of the lunar year because it symbols the reunion in chinese culture.  I like eating Tangyuan especially in the 15th day of the lunar year because the texture of tangyuan is so soft and I also like the atmosphere of a family gathering while I was eating tangyuan. 
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10 Responses to sweet dumpling

  1. wong 說道:

    I agree with you because eveyyear my family and i will eat it and i feel very warm since it is just like a big family to eat Tangyuan together. So, it is a good way to increase the relationship between us an our family. Moreover, Tangyuan\’s tasta also is a reason which is attracted me. Thus, i like Tangyuan

  2. wai shun 說道:

    I also love to eat tangyuan since I love eating chinese sweet tasty desserts. It is because they can make me feel happy after ate them. But my family not eat tangyuan in the 15th day of the lunar year since we are not superstition. Instead of it, we will eat tangyuan anytime we want and let tangyuan to be our dessert in that meal.

  3. cho yiu 說道:

    I also like eat the sweet dumpling very much. This is a kind of traditional Chinese food in the lunar year. The sweet dumpling is a kind of Chinese food culture. I hope we can save this kind of Chinese culture.

  4. Manchi 說道:

    I also love eating tangyuan. It is because I love sweet food. And I like some tangyuan with sesame or chopped peanuts inside. Also I enjoy making tangyuan with my family members. It is because making tangyuan together is fun. Also it can increase the relationship with my parents. But nowadays, my family and I don\’t have much time. So we just but some tangyuan in supermarket instead of making it ourselves.

  5. in 說道:

    I feel the dumpling is very delicious food ,because in Chinses New Year i will always eat original i don\’t like eat but i always eat so i like eat the dumpling now . The dumpling have different a flavor .I like a peanut and orange a flavor .I like do some different a flavor . lolokyin 3A23

  6. Bb仔 說道:

    Hi ! My name is Zank!I feel you composition is very good.And then you can add something idea to in you dumpling composition. How to cook dumpling?How can do yummy to with the food?You can add this idead to in you composition.I thing will be good for you writings.

  7. HO YI 說道:

    I like eat dumpling too, I think it is delicious. I think eat dumpling is healthy too.

  8. Shuk 說道:

    I think the sweet dumpling very yummy, because many people like eat that . And this is the traditional food. 4D31

  9. css'' 說道:

    I like eat sweet dumpling too,because the sweet dumpling very yummy.

  10. Qo水瓜oQoQ 說道:

    hi,I am 2B Lo Ka Ki I feel you a composition is very good!!!!!!!!because in Chinses New Year i will always eat original .The dumpling have different a flavor



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