Green light for high-speed rail link

Green light for high-speed rail link
Ho Wing Hong
Recently, there was a big news in Hong Kong. Hong Kong was chosen to be a part of the high-speed rail links. However, a lot of people were not satisfied with this. Thus, there was a parade to go against the decision of this because the place which was chosen to build the rail link is a village. There are a lot of people who will lose their living place if the high-speed rail link was built. Thus, many people including the villagers and some young people walked on the street and wanted the government to change their mind because it was unfair to them. However, it could not change. The government did not change their mind of building the rail link. Why can the government ignore them? Although development is important for the society, people are also important.
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12 Responses to Green light for high-speed rail link

  1. ka kit 說道:

    In contrast to your viewpoints, I think the rail scheme shouldn\’t have been halted just because of a small bunch of people. Truely we cannot be fallen into deaf ears and ignore their voices. However, what if that compare with the benefits to the whole community? Consensus can never be achieved , that\’s why the majority is always right to take the leading row. Moreover, nothing is perfect and sometimes stark branches have to be sacrified so as to save the large chunk. For the sake of both Hongkong\’s infrastructural development and economical progress, I don\’t see why not the government goes on with this advantageous project.

  2. Long Ching 說道:

    You are right!!If the government neglect the dwellers in Hong Kong,people will not be willing to work together with government.In reality,it only focus on the economy and do nothing to contribute the community.No matter how good the economy is,the order in Hong Kong will be confusing and crime will increase.The battle will bomb easily.The government must listen to public and improve their method to monitor Hong Kong.

  3. Sarina 說道:

    I definitely think that the government ignore many people voice.It is believed that everyone have the right to speak out their opinions,and they should be respected.However,this could\’t reflect on the government\’s recent behaviours.Therefore,I absolutely think that they are many aspects that the government should improve,for example,she should learn to respect people and she should adopt more useful and pramatic method for the building of the rail link.

  4. WonG 說道:

    Yes, I totally agree with you. I think the government should respect the public\’s feeling like the villagers and the young people. Maybe the government can provide some allowance for them which can change their decision. Therefore, the government should not force them to transfer the building without any benefit. However, the villagers also il try their best to preserve the building which is their property. In conclusion, the government should adopt a feasible of measure to solve the problem with the villagers.

  5. yan yi 說道:

    l see the same view with you . the government should listen the hong kong people voice as they are part of hong kong . they have the right to gain what they want . also . lf the government want to improve their image or condition , accepting is a must . lf the citizens really object to the high -speed rail link , the government have the obligation the find the other solutions .

  6. Tam ka ho 說道:

    I absolutely agree with you. I think that the government should respect the opinions of the residents. The government should not neglect the roice of the people even though it can bring a lot of benefits for inhabitants. NO matter anytime and anywhere,people always have the right of choosing.Therefore, government should not restrict their right.

  7. ChaRles 說道:

    I do agree with you. Building the high-speed rail lnk causes many argument from the village people since this project will occur their living place. They will become homeless because of this. Nonetheless , on one hand , do you think that hong kongs economy progress is also important ? Furthermore , do you think that the environmental protection is also important ? Therefore , I Think the answer is both. So , it is difficult to make a decision.

  8. Ka Nok 說道:

    I see your point. We deeply know that not all the things can be fair enough to be judged. As a resident, i feel sorry about this issue which happens to the victims. The government does not have choice to be fair and considerate since Hong Kong belongs to economic development. They decided to build the rail link and they try to bring goods for the victims. That is enough because we should also understand their difficulties. It souns very inhuman for the victims but the only way to compensate them.

  9. Ricky 說道:

    ya , i am happy to hear that Hong Kong was chosen to be a part of the high-speed rail links too !!!However ,the government gave a compensation to them .It can\’t say that the government ignore them !With a view to developing territory , a bit of sacrifice is necessary .

  10. Kam Fai 說道:

    Government of those people for their own interests regardless of others, even if other people have no place to live to satisfy their own selfish Zhigu

  11. x881748 說道:

    I agree with you,I am glad that Hong Kong will have high-speed rail link,but the high-speed rail link build on a village. Therefore, many villagers and some young people walked on the street.I think government can build the high-speed rail link separatly and government can compensation a house for villagers!The Government should give the allownce for the affecting citizen.3C 19 Ricky NG

  12. Chan Wai Fung 說道:

    Development is important for the govenment’s economy . If the govenment don’t build the rail link because that , it will attack the economy strongly . The govenment have promised that they will provide lots places of abode . They just don’t want to change selfishly .


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