Ng Wing Cho

There was a protest in Hong Kong because of the development of the high speed rail line. It caused a lot of problems so people fought against with the government since it was very expensive and ridiculous for Hong Kong to spend 700billion on developing the high speed rail line. Thus, people disagree to it. If government carries the plan out , it will ruin the village, so plenty of villagers condemn the government’ policy. That is to say, they will lose their home and become street sleeper. At that moment , they will be desperate for help. Not only that, it is unreasonable for  government to invest 700 billion dollars in this project as it will cause deficit problem .

          In my opinion, people should be considerate. In fact, It is a great opportunity for Hong Kong to connect with mainland China . As long as Government launchs the plan , it will be beneficial. For example, it is convenient for tourists to come to HK. In addition, Government ought to communicate with citizens and it is urgent for the government to deal with the protest

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