Teen Model’s Drug Shame

Teen Model’s Drug Shame
Kwan In
In these years, teen problems are getting serious and grasp lots of awareness from the society. Different groups of people complain about the bad behavior of the next generation and feel depressed about the difficulty of helping them back on the right track. However, a recent case that reports a teen model who takes drugs gives a big hit on those who work hard on helping the teenagers that suffer from different problems. As most of the teenagers have their own idols and they would try to imitate their behavior so as to make themselves be more confident. It seems that the problem is not only caused by teenagers themselves but also the adults. 
Because of this, parents should teach their children how to differentiate the dos and don’ts in order to prevent them from the criminals. No matter who it is, there is an obligation for people to educate the next 
generation properly so that the society won’t get worse.                             

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