Red book for life

Red book for life
Tam Man Chi

Nearly every family Hong Kong has at least ‘Tung Shing’ at home. ‘Tung Shung’ is a book that full of historical stories and day to day fortune telling. Tung Shing is also a chinese calendar. People read Tung Shing to find out what is good or bad for every day.

I think that Tung Shing is useless to me. It is because Tung Shing is just a book and can’t tell fortune very accurately. Also reading Tung Shing can’t improve my study skill. But there are some good things about Tung Shing. First, it is a traditional book. Second, Tung Shing is also a symbol of chinese culture. Also they got many chinese stories, pictures and songs inside. I think that Tung Shing is useless to me but it is a good book.

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One Response to Red book for life

  1. 世熙 說道:

    Tung Shing is a kind of chinese contraption though it is not realitic .it can be a dependence for us however if you believe it which maybe realNG SAI HEI


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