Police arrest acid attack suspect

Police arrest acid attack suspect
Tong Ka Nok
This news reported that a man suspected of being involved in the acid attack in 2places in Hong Kong.  The bottle of acid flew from the high to the street unexpectedly.  Of course, it is not the first time which happens in our neighborhood and still cannot be solved completely. Even Donald Tsang immediately asked someone to install cameras at the top of the buildings at main streets,  it still exists different kinds of problem of those measures. 
  The cameras cannot completely record the face of a person if he/she stays away from these.  It reveals that our governor hadn’t tried hard to prevent tragedies and protected citizens.  No matter the man has been arrested,  we believed that he isn’t the only one to attack us.  It is no doubt that the government’s reputation is further decreased and they are posing threat to us.
  The acid throwing must be a challenge to the police.  It is such an unscrupulous crime though nobody can make punishment. What a hopeless investigation is!
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One Response to Police arrest acid attack suspect

  1. chan 說道:

    yes you are right. It is really hard for police to investigate this case. Although the govement has install some CCTV in differet places , the acid throughing still happen after several months. Therefore, we can see that this method is not a effective to prevent the similar case happen and arrest the one who throw the bottle of acid . But i think that the govenment also try her best since we can see that some measures have been lauched such as the advertisement which appeal people to pay attention on the people who act strangely.



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