Law Cho Yiu

Tung Shing is a part of Chinese culture. For the old China, people used the Tung Shing to plan the work of the year such as wedding. More importantly, the farmers need to check the weather with the Tung Shing because of the fact that the weather will affect farming very much. In addition, the Tung Shing can teach the readers about birthmark fortune, making a wish, writing a letter and historical stories. Therefore, we know can about the old china.

However, this kind of old Chinese culture is disappearing now. I think that we should start to keep our old tradition. For example we can continue to publish Tung Shing. It can also protect our Chinese culture. Any way, Chinese should protect the Chinese culture.

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One Response to Newspaper

  1. CanSeeYou 說道:

    Yes,I agree with you. Nowadays, the old Chinese culture is disappearing because of the mind of young people. They do not think that the culture is important for them. They just follow the new thing. Ignoring the old culture. However, thinking deeply, if there are no culture, what will happen? I cannot think about that.HoWingHong 5D 6


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