Feng shui master loses bid for tycoon’s fortune

Feng shui master loses bid for tycoon’s fortune
Wong Kwan Hung

Recently, we got the news that feng shiu lost the lawsuit which is a good news for us because i don’t like him and i think that he is so greedy and bad. It is because he does’t have the right to get the huge money from little sweetie but he complains about the portion. It makes me very disappointed since when little sweetie survived, she gave him lots of money. But, he were dissatisfied. So, when he loses bid for tycoon’t fortune, many hong kongers are very happy.

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3 Responses to Feng shui master loses bid for tycoon’s fortune

  1. Ho Pui 說道:

    I go along with you. I think that he is very greedy. It was because he already get the huge money from little sweetie. I think that he can use the money to do some meaningful things. For example, he can leave some money to charities. Also, he can put the money into the investment. He does not have the right to get all money from little sweetie. So, I hate him very much.(Sin Ho Pui)

  2. Sarina 說道:

    I am very glad that the money from little sweetie went to the charity finally.This money is going to help lots of children all over the world,and it is a wonderful thing which deserves to be celebrate.About the Feng Shui master,it is a good thing for the public to see that he lose in the lawsuit on the ground that he is so greedy and bad,and this kind of people should be punished at last,so,we are all very delighted to see the law in Hong Kong is fair.

  3. wai shun 說道:

    I agree with you since I also think it was not are good human being. I think he should not take this action. Little sweetie gave him a plenty of money, that huge money is already can make his life wonderful. However he was so greedy that take this action and want to get all the money. It is not very good.



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