Feng shui master loses bid for tycoon’s fortune

Feng shui master loses bid for tycoon’s fortune
Tam Ka Yee
Wang,known as "little sweetie",was one of Asia’s wealthiest women with a business empire.Unfortunately,she died of cancer in 2007aged 69.

However,Tony chan was  the former lover of wang.He said that he had an intimate relationship with wang.So after wang’s death,he said that he would obtain nearly $100 billion of wang’s property.However,the court found that he lied because the will in 2006 was falsified.

Hence Chan was arrested after police raided his home,he could face charges over the forged will or for other possible offences related to the case.

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2 Responses to Feng shui master loses bid for tycoon’s fortune

  1. hoiwai 說道:

    There is no doubt that this property contention is almost the largest lawsuit in near 2 years. It shocked everyone owing to Tony Chan\’s intervention and his relationship with Nina Wang. Hence,this case even was named "A Century Lawsuit". Tony Chan claimed that Nina Wang called him as husband . And thus he said his testament which was written in 2006 was real. However, he is a liar. Eventually,he lost and was arrested by cop. I think it is a fair ending for Nina\’s parents.

  2. ChaRles 說道:

    This case involved in over billion so it become the famous subect in Hong Kong. On the other hand, Tony Chan said that he is in love with \’ Little Sweetie \’ and he has the right to obtain nearly $ 100 billion of wang\’s property. Nonetheless, recently, the lawer had desided that Tony Chan can\’t get such a big amount of money and I think it\’s a quite possible result. The money goes to help people. It is better.



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