Feng shui master loses bid for tycoon’s fortune

Feng shui master loses bid for tycoon’s fortune
Lai Ka Kit

Last Wednesday, feng shui master Chan, who has lost the case about the heritage struggle, was arrested and accused of producing bogus documents. To be frank, I don’t trust Chan at all. He’s just a mean and cheeky humbug in my perception. Therefore, I think he deserves it. Because of having an itching palm, he made a fake bequeath and tried to fool everyone. Not only is he mean, his conscienceless act also disgusts me since the money is gonig to the charity to help poor and needy. If I were him, I’d hide myself in a corner. What a shame!

本篇發表於 S5。將永久鏈結加入書籤。

One Response to Feng shui master loses bid for tycoon’s fortune

  1. Wai Chiu 說道:

    Yes, my standpoint is same to you. It is because I think Nina Wang and feng shui master Chan are only the employer and employee\’s relationship. So I don\’t understand that why Nina Wang gives her heritage to feng shui master Chan. Also I think Chan is crazy. Why I said that. It is because I have not seen that a human can tell to the judge that himself and Nina Wang are lover although they meet each other not many times. I think that Chan think ther are so many idiots in Hong Kong. I want to know where is the dignity of Chan.



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