Every little help

Every little help
Chan Hang Wai
 Hati had a serious earthquake the month before but Hong Kong people obviously do not consider more about than Sichuan earthquake . Because of the far distance , Hong Kong people do not work anything?There is no doubt that this behaviour is wrong.

 The Hong Knog government gave HK$8million to Wolrd Vision to help humanitarian work.On the contrary, for the Sichuan earthquake in our motherland, the government gave about immense cost , HK$350 million to help them. In Hong Kong nearly nothing to help the Hati people and just a few singer or movie star to stand up to help the human in Hati.

 I think that whatever any type of nationality , we ought to help them if we face to the difficulity owing to the fact that helping person is  happy . Thus, we have to support the Hati person and give them a warm wishing.If we can,we better donate the money to help them to fight against the challenge.So,  would you like to help the Hati people now?

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9 Responses to Every little help

  1. Sarina 說道:

    I feel very sorry about the earthquake in Hati,it was such a tragedy.Yeah,I also agree that Hong Kon people haven\’t done enough to help the people in Hati.I think they should donate more money since we are all a member of the earth.I really hope that more and more celebrities will come out to raise money for Hati,and I think that the local celebrities can learn from the Hollywood celebrities this time,because they try hard to raise money for people in Hati.

  2. hoiwai 說道:

    It is no denying that the ponderance and influence of Hati earthquake is nothing less than the Sichuan earthquake which was occured on 12 May 2008. The Hati earthquake even more grievous and severe due to the fact that it not only devastated a mountain of locals\’ habitation, but also led to landslide and mudslide. However, the SAR government only contributed HK$8 million which is about one-fiftieth of the number of Sichuan earthquake\’s donation. The difference between Chinese and Foreigners is too obvious and massive. Thus, our local people ought to do more to help them in our own way, such as holding fund-raising activities and raffle ticket.

  3. Li Ho Chun 說道:

    Hait\’s residents are suffering from earthquake and most people become refugees and homeless. Also they are lack of necessities and food due to this devastating disaster which destroyed their home and transportation. SO, in order to make them a better lives, we should all donate the money to the charities such as Red Cross.We should urge the people who are not willing to donate the money as well. I do think they will be thankful if we face the problem with them .

  4. Ka Chun 說道:

    5b yiu ka chunIn my point of view , I think that every country should send their army or any kinds of trooper to help Hati . As you know , Hong Kong do not have troopers . So we should give the money to charity foundation as much as we can . Such as Wolrd Vision ,etc.Finally , I think we should do more advertisment about Hati\’s people and let more people to help Hati .

  5. Tam ka ho 說道:

    I think that the people in the world should shoulder the respomsibility to help the Hati people out of the trouble. we are all live in the world.Therefore, we should help each other and share the sadness with them. I hope that the Hati people can fix their broken heart and biild up their new homes as soon as possible. I am pleasure to donate my money to help them.

  6. 智華 說道:

    Lin Chi Wa 5A(16)I think that the media do not give us enough infomation about Hati earthquak, so there was not enough money give it to Hati. Also, the resouces which come from the other countries, it cannot come into Hati. It causes the trouble problems in Hati bigger and bigger since the Hati government did not have a completed plan to help the president in Hati. So, I think that the other countries should help them more.

  7. KENGMAN 說道:

    The earthquake of Hati was a severe disasetr which destroyed locals\’ home devastatingly .The majority of Hong Kong people do not consider more about it than Sichuan earthquake because of the far distance .It is understandable . However , it is worthy to help them . Helping them by donating some money or sending some goods is easy way for us to follow . Hoping that they can re-build the new home as soon as possible.

  8. Unknown 說道:

    It is good writing . I am so sad with Sichuan earthquake .We are human . Also they are .So we need help them . by CHAN YIN

  9. wen 說道:

    I also have seen the news of having a serious earthquake in Hati .It\’s too ghastly to look at the Hati people in the trouble condition.They really need our help . Actually, I think it\’s enthusiastic of the Hong Kong people to donate their money when happened earthquake in somewhere .CheungChingMan 4A 33



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