Deadly Earthquake Hits Haiti

Deadly earthquake hits Haiti
Tang Chun Kit

A very terrible disaster, earthquake hit Haiti on 12 January at 4.53pm. According to Haitian Officials, about 200,000 people died by this. But just like Szechwan’s, after this devastating disaster, there are many charity fund raising events in the world in hope of helping them. We raised money, food as well as some necessaries and sent those things to Haiti. It proved that person who lives in this world care the other who lives in the same world. Because of this, then why are we still fighting with the other country? Battle will cause the innocent military death. If we care person’s life, then battle should stop right now. But anyway, we ought to make a sustainable progress in the future. Therefore, I think that the peaceful world will exist soon.

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4 Responses to Deadly Earthquake Hits Haiti

  1. - james 說道:

    may be this disaster in haiti is a turning point for their country.over a long period of time, haiti have a unstable government . in this netural catastrophe make the people in heiti to unite to recover their country .

  2. Long Ching 說道:

    Yes, you are right.Disaster is an accident which is unpredictable.People died because of this.They are unfortunate and no one will expect it.However, some citizen who live in a battle country are in danger everyday. The battle happens endlessly and they will die easily. In fact, if other countries help the people who are hearted by disaster,why don\’t these countries have a meeting which is to stop the battle. I definitely think that it can save more lives in the world.

  3. Ka Ho 說道:

    I think that this earthquake can show that the helping is very useful.Although there are about 200000 people died by the earthquake,the citizen sent a lot of things to help them,so,i think that the raised money can help them.

  4. KA YEE 說道:

    Yes,disaster is always mercilessly,however, the world is full of love.I think that the most important still is the post-disaster reconstruction work and Soul reconstruction work.No matter the disaster occurs in China or not ,as the people,we will thoroughly adopt humanitarian to help every person.


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