Tsang Yi Ching

I read the readers’ turn about my future career.I remember that when I studied at primary school,I had different kinds of dream about my future career.I considered many factors about the best career.Many people think that if the job has high income,it should be the best job.However,I don’t think this is the major point.

I regard that we should find the job which is according to our interest.Therefore,we will feel cheerful when we are working.Moreover,I think that the job should be meaningful.We ought to contribute some meaningful events to the society.We must study well and be hard working in order to find the best job in the future.

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  1. KENGMAN 說道:

    I support that finding a good job is a wonderful event , especially a job which I like . No matter how hard the work is , I will try the best . All in all , I will make the effort to finishc the work . When we can find a career goal we appreciate , it would be fantastic . During we work , the working experience is very precious . And we can get a lot of remarkable memories , such as familiarize with new friends and widen our horizon . We can learn many unique things.


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