future of the forgotten

future of the forgotten
Hung Cheuk Lam
Recently, I heard a new term that is ‘post-80s’. At first, I wondered how this term comes and what it is standing for because I haven’t heard some terms that are similar to ‘post-80s’ such as ‘post-70s or 60s or even 90s’. But, when I saw teens (actually some are, and some not)who were protesting against the permission of giving money to the controversial raillink on television, I did get what it means even though I was just sitting at my home and watching the televison.I agree that the new generation namely the so-called post-80s should speak out their political views actively but I just hope there will be no any over-progressive actions against what they dislike.
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2 Responses to future of the forgotten

  1. maki 說道:

    Yes. I do agree with you because I was also surprise about the new term \’post-80s\’.And those young people who fight against the raillink also surprise me. Since I know that those young people who did that action actually they have the passion to change Hong Kong.

  2. Vicki 說道:

    The \’post-80s\’ is a group of over-active people. They always do a lot of thing in active way, such as the resist about the High Way which can run though HK and China. They do a important position in this event. However, I do not think that kind of behavior is good because it will affect the work of government. So, I do not totally agree to their over-active action.



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