Acid attack

Acid attack
Chow Hoi Wai
Nowadays, the pressure of citizens is growing and growing and most people don’t know how to release the stress. Therefore, some of them are radically to make an acid bomb to hurt pedestrain.I consider that this behaviour is a fatal m and unforgivable mistake. As you know, the corrosive acid which destroies and even burn people’s skin will be permanent. Nobody should be the innocent victim. These acid bomb attacks are cowardly,cheap and disgusting acts. I hope that these people can admit their faults to the police. And the government ought to do more about the voluntary works. In addition, the government needs to do more about the security system of buildings which were built for decades in the urban area. Last but not least, the school should do more education to the students.
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19 Responses to Acid attack

  1. ka kit 說道:

    I see eye to eye with you. Those unconsiderated behaviors are so outrageuos that we shouldn\’t let them go easily. In my view, for the sake of our personal safety, it is nessessary to put these acid bomb thrower in to the jail so that they won\’t be able to hurt others anymore. In the meanwhile, I think the government should be more concerned about teenagers\’ psychal health and indoctrinate them probably.

  2. Sarina 說道:

    Yeah,the recent acid attact was a horrible tragedy.I think that the government must think of other useful and pragmatic methods to solve this hassle.For example,they should set up strict law in order to punish these detestable people and prevent people doing this again.And of course I agree that school should educate the students about this,I really hope that such a tragedy won\’t happen in the future.

  3. ChaRles 說道:

    U are right. The person who hurt people by corrosive acid is an unforgivable behavior since the innocent pedestrain will be the victim of this case. More than that , this crazy crime will make Hong Kong being dangerous. So , i do argee that government should do something about it.

  4. wai shun 說道:

    I go along with you. I think that the government should teach the citizens to know how to reduce stress from any access. It not only can help the citizens to lay back, but also reduce the probability of acid bomb cause by the stress. The goverrnment can held some talk or make poster as well as the broadcast on the radio.Wilson

  5. wong 說道:

    That\’s true. However, i think that the people who make an acid bomb feel bored and want to find activity to play. Then, making a bomb must make them to feel excited and thrilled. So, this game makes people injury and affects the reputation of Hong Kong. What are the immature behavior they did? I am so disappointed about this event.

  6. Ka Chun 說道:

    YIU KA CHUN 5b 36In my point of view , I think that this is a very danger and silly action . Since these acid will hurt people who touch it . Also , people who throw these acid bomb will go to jail because of hurting others .So,we should always tell people that we have to release our pressure in a right place with a right solution.Finally,school have to teach students how to become happy and optimistic.

  7. yan yi 說道:

    yes, l am totally think that people don\’t know how to reduce their stress. lt is because the piles of work had ouccpy their leisure thime , they can\’t find time to relax .also . they have to do something to express their pressure by attacking the other . however , l think that this selflish behavior should be addressed so that the citizens won\’t be hurted seriously . and the government have the obligation to take some action to prevent the thing .

  8. CanSeeYou 說道:

    HoWingHong 5D 06I think that the acid attack behavior is unacceptable. The people who throw the acid is very happy by doing this thing. However , the people who are attacked by that acid are innocent. They do not do any thing which is criminal. The bomber wanted to have some excitement and relax so he did this thing. To protect the citizens form the criminal, I think that the HKG can give more hands to the people who like the attacker. Holding some talks to talk with them. Teaching them how to handle the stree and pressure.

  9. cho yiu 說道:

    I think that the acid attack is affecting the Hong Kong people so much. The people feel scared is the street. It will also affect the number of the visitor. And then, it will make a bad impact to the Hong Kong economy. Hence, the problem should be solved.

  10. Nocturnes 說道:

    NG Wing CHOYes. You are right. I agree with you. These people are insane because their behaviour is unforgiveable and ridiculous. They ignored other people. They wanted to fulfill their desires. Thus, they threw the dangerous acid on the road. However, it is unfair to the victim since they are innocent. The mad people should reflect their behaviour .It is not only nonsensical and also outrageous.

  11. WonG 說道:

    In my opinion, the murderer is selfish and abnormal since he make an acid bomb to hurt pedestrain times and again. Also, it is a unacceptable behaviour. However, he never regret this action and concern about the victim\’s feeling when he do it. Anyway, I hope that the murderer can acknowledge his bad behaviour and give an apology for the victim.

  12. Tam ka ho 說道:

    I think the one who throws the acid to attack people is immoral and ignoble. The acid bomb has an great destruction. It makes people suffer from heavy damage especially for their psychology. Moreover, this kind of behaviour will destroys Hong kong\’s reputation and fame. Thus,it will make a bad impact on Hong Kong\’s tourism.

  13. YICHING 說道:

    I think that the person who make acid attack bomb is very absurd and selfish.He doesn\’t think about the strangers.He just wants to release his pressure.This is the failure.We can\’t learn about him.If we want to take off our pressure,we can use other ways .For example, we can play some interactive sports which are very healthy for our body.What is more,we can listen music.There are different kinds of the method for releasing our stress.Moreover,I agree with you that school should do more education to the students.School should some the talks about the positive ways of taking off pressure.We should educate the positive minds to students because of the fact that students are the master for the future.

  14. Ka Nok 說道:

    It is all about the air poluution. If the government had set a limitation of genarateing toxic continants to the factories, the acid rain would be decreased. Actually Hong Kng residents are no choice to be selfish, they have their own business. The most income is tourism. Foreigners dont go to HK becuase of the heavy smog. The skycrapers like wall which cannot air circulativly. We must contribute to economy.

  15. Ho Pui 說道:

    In my opinion, I think that this behaviour is unforgivable. It was because these acid bomb attacks already hurt many people. Also, these attacks happened in many places, such as, Mong kok, Sham Shui Po and Causeway Bay. I think that these people should admit their faults to the police early. Since many people hate them very much. Moreover, the government needs to do more about the security measures to protect the people. I hope that this can maintain a good image of Hong Kong. (Sin Ho Pui)

  16. KENGMAN 說道:

    It is a fact that the pressure of citizens is growing and growing ,particularly the student just like us . As you know , we need to face different kinds of stresses , such peer\’s preaaure , family \’s expectation , individual ambitions and so on . Therefore ,we should learn to release the stress through proper way . Reducing the stress by make an acid bomb is a unwise and unthoughtful behaviour owing to the fact that destroies and people\’s body . And ,i think the Hong Kong government is responsible for tackling the problem in order to prevent the resident from dangers .

  17. Wai Chiu 說道:

    Yes, I think if that guy can admit their faults to the police is good.But I think of they do these kind of thing. Their have a inadequate personality so I think the government should prvide some assistance to help them to correct the their negative activities. That\’s why I think that guy should not hide himself or herself and then they should find a postive way to correct his or her inadequate personality.

  18. Hang wai 說道:

    Yes i agree with you .There is no doubt that we have a loads of works to do and we don\’t know how to release the stress .Furthermore , I think the government should do something to restrict the acid attack .Least but not certainly not least ,School should educate students and stop the acid attack happening.

  19. Li Ho Chun 說道:

    The acid throwers didn\’t think about the severe consequences after throwing an acid bomb. I can\’t find any reason which can support these people to throw this dangerous bomb. These kinds of behaviour are unreasonable and outrageous. Thence, the government should install a 24-hour monitoring system in every risky building so as to prevent the strangers to go inside the building successfully and commit crime.


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