Teen model’s drug shame

Teen model’s drug shame
Tam Ka Ho
One of the much-talked-about present-day social problem is juvenile delinquency, and its rate of frequency is seemingly on the rise.
It is reported in the newspapers that a teen model who is called Chau Hoi-ying, was using drug. Finally, this case was handling through the court system. It arouses the majority of public’s voice. At the same time, it is also worthy of people reflection. After all, nowadays parents are too permissive with their children and indulgence to their darlings. These similar incidents have occurred several times, like Kelvin Kwan and Wei Shi who are the singers.  They were arrested by Japanese police because of possession of dangerous drugs. Therefore, the problem of juvenile delinquency is worthy of our attention.
Not a few examples can be found around us in our daily life. In my opinion,I think parents should spend more time to concentrate on their children behavioursand parents should focus on their children’s friends if their friends are naughty and irresponsible.
Last but not least, I think the most fundamental method to tackle the juvenile delinquency is deepening and strengthening the education system so as to ultimately save the young.  Hence, It must rely on the public and schools’ support and help.
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One Response to Teen model’s drug shame

  1. KA YEE 說道:

    Nowadays, teenagers are becoming more and more frivolous and need to grow up.They using the lure of their friends and relieve the pressure and sress as the excuses.Especially the artists, they think that they have the privileges of crime,so they always abuse the drug easily and Wantonly.Indeed, the artist\’s images will affect community. Especially young people,they always depend on the artists as their idols,so artists should haved ecorous images in front of teenagers.



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