Teen model’s drug shame

Teen model’s drug shame
Kwan In
In these years, teen problems are getting serious and grasp lots of awareness from the society. Different groups of people complain about the bad behavior of the next generation and feel depressed about the difficulty of helping them back on the right track. 
However, a recent case that reports a teen model who takes drugs gives a big hit on those who work hard on helping the teenagers that suffer from different problems. As most of the teenagers have their own idols and they would try to imitate their behavior so as to make themselves be more confident. It seems that the problem is not only caused by teenagers themselves but also the adults. 
Because of this, parents should teach their children how to differentiate the dos and don’ts in order to prevent them from the criminals. No matter who it is, there is an obligation for people to educate the next generation properly so that the society won’t get worse.                             
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12 Responses to Teen model’s drug shame

  1. WonG 說道:

    Of course. Being a idol has a responsibility to show the positive image for the Youth as a good example. More importantly, the innocent teenagers are not mature, they are not able to differentiate the advantages and disadvantages. On the hand, the idol not only sould have the right thinking but alos encourage the young people to do more meaningful events .For example, the teen should go to do voluntary work during holiday. On the other hand, the parents also should concern and take care of their children.

  2. cho yiu 說道:

    I think that the teen model is the idol of many Hong Kong teenagers. Hence, if the teen model take drug, it will affect the teenager a lot. It may make the people of taking drug increase more than before. It will be a bad impact for teenager.

  3. wong 說道:

    Of cource, the problem is so serious that we don\’t find the other ways to solve. But, it is because parents do not have enough time to take care of their children so it makes the problems which will let the children have the bad behavior. So, i think that parents and school should have the most responsible to look after them. Then, they can grow up in a healthy condition and lovely care.

  4. Nocturnes 說道:

    NG W CHOYes. You are right. I agree with you. As long as the teacher and parents spend more time to cultivate teenagers, they will not go astray since teenagers are desperate for help. They are anxious and stress so their friends will lure them to take drug. That is to say, peer pressure is a factor. Thus, teenagers should make some positive friend. It can reduce the opportunity of taking drug.

  5. ChaRles 說道:

    I see eyes to eyes with you since teenagers nowadays have a very serious behavior which is taking drugs. Its also miserable that it will make the side effect to teenagers. In addition, its a criminal behavior. Therefore, teenagers should keep away from the terrible drugs.

  6. Hang wai 說道:

    That\’s true. teen problems are more serious than before.Even a teen model will take drugs.That is the worst impression. On the other hand, the teen model is the idol of the teenagers which beahaviour will impact the teenager directly. Thus i think that the youngster must not try the drugs .Besides, if they have the problems , they can ask the peron who they trust.

  7. ka kit 說道:

    I\’d like to add support to Josh\’s postiong. Truely youngsters have to be guided properly lest they should go astray. By this incident, we can learn that there is always a consequence which may ruin our life whenever we do something wrong. So, we should think twice before acting.

  8. Kei Kit 說道:

    Yes. I\’m abulutely agree with you.Teen problems are more serious than before. Nowadays, teens will take drug and they will fight with their parents. It will be a bad impact for teenagers. It\’s very important to improve this problems.

  9. Ka Ho 說道:

    I agree with you, i think that the teenager\’s problems is not only caused by themselves but also the adults. it is because the teenagers will learn form the adults . so, the adults should have a postive image to the teenagers so that they won\’t loss their way.

  10. Ka Nok 說道:

    Even if there are lot of drugery cases happen in hong kong, youngers still cannot reveal the drawbacks og taking drug by looking at the consequence. In my opinion, popstars are pressurized since they need to face the public. In hope of releasing theselves, taking drugs is the faster track to achieve. So, if anybody know who taking drugs, please pursuade them to back the right road.

  11. Wai Chiu 說道:

    You\’re right. today\’s problems of young people is increasing. Although most of the problem is caused by their value and audience with the but no one can guarantee that these problems are wholly for their own fabricated. therefore, adults are also responsible for the young people back to the right. those through incorrect and audience with the point.

  12. Kei Kit 說道:

    You\’re right. today\’s problems of young people is increasing.Teen problems are more serious than before.Its also miserable that it will make the side effect to teenagers. In addition, its a criminal behavior. Therefore, teenagers should keep away from the terrible drugs.



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