Teen model’s drug shame

Teen model’s drug shame
Ng Chui Ling
Nowadays, more and more people are addicted to drug. Recently, the case of Monique Chau Hoi-ying has caused a whopping debate in the society. She was found hiding ketamine inside a school toilet, and now she was penalized, she will have to obey a 12 month probation because of her unacceptable behaviour.
It is believed that this incident will have a huge impact on Monique’s prospect. As we know, the public imagine is very important to a celebrity. After this case, Monique may need to put an end to her entertaining career. More importantly, this issue will have bad influence on teenagers. For instance, teenagers may misunderstand that taking drug is not a big deal. Worse still, there is possibility that taking drug will be a trend among teenagers on the ground that fashionable and stylish celebrities are found taking drug.
I think there are definitely many actions that the government can take to reduce this phenomenon. For example, the government should request the school to teach the students more knowledge about the drug. Moreover, posters will need to be printed in order to warn the students about the bad effect that taking drug would probably encourage too.
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10 Responses to Teen model’s drug shame

  1. hoiwai 說道:

    Absolutely.Drug addiction is the largest hassle in the contemporary world. More and more youngsters cannot control themselves or are tempted by peers to attempt taking the drug. I also agree that the government ought to implement some pragmatic measure to count with this critical problem. I reckon that the government need to do more advertisement which is about the side effect of taking drug.

  2. wai shun 說道:

    Oh, you are right. The government have to take action about to stop and encourage the teens don\’t even try or think about drug. In my view, I think the government not only need to ask for help from school and make poster, but also need to find out where do the drugs come from so that we can cut off the access for the teenages getting drugs.

  3. Ho Pui 說道:

    In fact, taking drug is a very serious problem for teenagers. I think that this incident is a good example for them. It is because when some teenagers meet some bad things, they cannot control themselves to take the drug. But, they will not think about their future. This incident can help them to raise their awareness of it. I also agree that the government should implement some pragmatic measure to reduce this phenomenon. Since this can help them to take a good life.(Sin Ho Pui)

  4. 智華 說道:

    Lin Chi Wa 5A (16)Yes, I agree with you. It is because many parents do not care about their children too much,so the children would think that their parents do not recognize them. Then, some bad guys try to let the children to have some drugs, it causes many children addicted to drugs. so, I think that parents should care more about their children\’ s feelings.

  5. Long Ching 說道:

    In reality,I believe that people who are in different ages will addict to drug.Nonetheless, if we find a celebrity or an actor is obsessed with drug, the public will criticize and put an eye on him.I think that they are not poor since we should be responsible to the result that what we did.Also, an apology is not important for the public.It is for them to know that they are wrong.Actaully,precaution is more useful than admitting the wrong event.So, the government must take action promptly.

  6. yan yi 說道:

    l agree with you . Nowadays , more and more teenagers are addicted to drug as drug is already penetrate into their daily life . also , many celebrities are found taking drug which had brought an bad influence to teenagers . therefore , l suggest that the government should address this seriou problem so that lt can be put to rest . also , l think that the schools have the obligation to intervene this issue , for example , they can set some strict rude the alert the students .

  7. - james 說道:

    I go along with your point.Many youths addicted to drug since the drug can find it everywhere so students is easy to contact the drugs .I think that parents and school also have the responsibility to take care of the youths and avoid them to go astray.And peer pressure is also the reason why youths take the druy easily. As you say,youths think that it is a fashionable and stylish.

  8. Li Ho Chun 說道:

    As everybody knows, taking drugs will definitely ruins the teenagers\’ lives, but still they are willing to try it due to their curiosity. Hence, education is a major factor that can tell them the impact of taking drugs.For example, tv commercials which are related to drugs should be played during the ads\’ period everyday so as to aware them not to take drugs and tell them the consequences. Always say"no" to drugs.

  9. CanSeeYou 說道:

    5D(6) HoWingHong Yes, I agree with you. Having drug addicted is very serious and unhealthy because of the drawback of drug. Nowadays, more and more people want to take drug because of there stress or pressure which is occur in their life. They want to escape from them.

  10. Vicki 說道:

    Your idea is great. Nowadays, more and more people want to take drug because they have a pile of stress or pressure. They just want to have some excite and escape or avoid form the real world. However, it will make their life to be dark. because it is very unhealthy. It will make them to be die or weaker then before.



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