Teen model ‘s drug shame

Teen model’s drug shame
Tang Keng Man
It is a true fact that taking drug is  tremendously dangerous to drug abusers’ live and health .   More imporantly ,   it can affect the people who surround the abuser .    Although many people know the potential side effect , they are still willing to do such stupid thing . 

Recently ,  a teen model who found in possession of ketamine inside a school toilet has been put on probation for twelve months .  She is not only a student but also a public figure .   Her behavious makes me very angry  .  As you know ,   it is responsible for  a student to abide her school principle ang school reputation .  In addition , it is a need for a public figure to become a right  role model .  It  is easy to understand that what a public does can have an impact on people ,particularly teenagers .

And , many teenage children are addicted to drugs nowadays . Therefore , it is nessessary for the government to take the action to deal with the situation .

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