Teen model’s drug shame

Teen model’s drug shame
Chan Ting Hang

Recently, there is a case about celebrity taking drug again. In current years, there are more cases about celebrities’ taking drugs and more and more teenagers are addicted to drugs. The government has launched some measures to stem teenagers to take drugs. Nonetheless, some youngsters’ idols did a bad example to young people. In fact, these cases will affect teenagers’ value of taking drugs. Many teenagers will do the things what their idols have done.


In my opinion, being famous people, they have a responsibility to set up a good model to the public. Besides, being teenagers’ idol, they should be more careful about their behavior. I think that the problem of taking drugs become more serious in Hong Kong. If we don’t tackle it as soon as possible, it will ruin Hong Kong‘s image in the world.


All in all, I regard that celebrities should not only behave well but also convince teenagers to avoid drugs and don’t try them because of the fact that they will destroy your future.

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One Response to Teen model’s drug shame

  1. Chiron 說道:

    i felt shamed when i heard this shocking news. that\’s is terrifying that a public figure wold be like this. that would further the teens drug problem. also, i think the figure in this case would be a example to tell teens what they\’ll get if they take drugs at the same time. through, i can see that how drug will decompose a life of one. so, i wont abuse drug whenever.



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