Kaleidoscope of Christmas

Kaleidoscope of Christmas
Wong Shuk Yee

Christmas is coming soon. We are looking forward to celebrating such a marvelous festival.  The reason is that we can have a warm day with family, a joyful day with friends as well as an abundant big gift.  However, will you think about of having a unique Christmas day this year?

Recently, the Christmas items arrive at the centers and malls in Hong Kong.  At the Harbor City, the Christmas decorations have already been set.  The ‘fairy’ element is designed to boost the depressing mood in the wake of the financial tsunami.  The idea is to invoke joyous and warm feelings.  The most special is that the six fairies in the crystal balls will play musical instrument so the atmosphere at the Harbor City will become happier.

Furthermore, the Christmas items also arrive at Lang ham Place in Mong Kok.  There are real cats, toy cats, as well as the cat from comic book, which will beplaying music in the revolving hut.  Besides, we also only have to donate HK$20.  And then we can take a charity with Cat Angel.

After explaining these colorful centers, will you want to go out and take a photo with them?  I will.  I wish that all of you can have a wonderful Christmas holiday.

Merry Christmas to you!

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4 Responses to Kaleidoscope of Christmas

  1. In 說道:

    Talking about festivals like Christmas, most people would prefer to spend with family members since they rarely have holidays in this hetic world. And of course, I am one of them. Although the financial tsunami is a big hit to my family, I still spend my money to travel to gather with my parents and sister. I believe that everyone who grew up in Chinese families would do so as well because of the tradition of Chinese is to cherish families and friends. I hope that people who suffer from the financial tsunami can keep their jobs and have great days with family members.

  2. Hang wai 說道:

    To me ,christmas is a warm ,funny and memerable day. Although some of people would rather enjoy the christmas day with family , i think enjoying this festival with the people who you want is the best option . More than that, i saw many christmas item in different shopping mall and shopping center in this year. Although lots of people face to the financial tsunami , in christmas many of them invest in this joyful festival.because of the financial tsunami , i just spend a few money on christmas day . On the contrary i believe that if you enjoy this day and you will feel happy.That\’s enough.

  3. CanSeeYou 說道:

    Ho Wing Hong 5D(6)For me, I think that Christmas this year is a nightmare because of the lesson during the holiday. We only have 2 days for having activities or relaxing programmes. That day, I stayed at home and did my Phy past paper. Although it was not a relax activity, I loved it. It not only help me to kill my time but also can gain knowledge.

  4. Ka Chun 說道:

    yiu ka chun 5b (36)In my point of view,i think that Christmas is a very cool festival . It is because we can celebrate with our friends or classmate in that period . Although we have extra lesson during the holiday . it is still very memorable for me and others . But one thing i learned after the Christmas . It is save more money before the Christmas and we will have no money problem when it is Christmas.



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