Lau Hoi Ming

In the first place, many people are affected by the costly message since it will bother the people to use the phone. It makes the people cost much money on the payment of the message. In additional, the message is useless for the people. And it is just about the promotion so the people do not mind about the message normally. More importantly, It enforce the people to pay a huge payment. This will make a lot of potential side effect and bad impact.

Recently, Hong Kong Consumer Council makes the law. It can control and solve the problem.

All in all, peple should raise the awareness to avoid the illegal message from the company.


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6 Responses to News

  1. long ching 說道:

    In fact, if I recieve this kind of message, I will ignore it and delete it immediately since it is useless for me and it will occupy the memories of my storage card. I believe that people will not cost any money if they also ignore the message.Besides, apart from costing money, it will disturb people. The company must stop doing this since it not only is useless but also waste their own time to send the message.They should stop and avoid recieving any penalty.

  2. Ho Pui 說道:

    I extremely agree with you. It is because nowadays many people have their mobile phone. Also, most of them always send SMS to their friends. But, I think that the company should not send the message to promote their service. Since people do not know the huge payment. Also, some of them always ignore the message.When they receive it, they need to pay the payment. I think that this is unfair. So, I hope that the Hong Kong Consumer Council can solve the problem.(Sin Ho Pui)

  3. Ka Chun 說道:

    In my view,i will delete these message too.It is because these message will cost people\’s money.Also,it is no use to me.And each message is very expensive.So i already set my mobile phone plan without these costly message.And try to avoid it.finally,like what lau hoi ming said we should let more people to know that these message is very expensive and hard to manage.5B yiu ka chun

  4. hoiwai 說道:

    5D 3 ChowHoiWaiI completely agree with you.There is no doubt that this kind of meaningless messages will not only interrupt our daily life,but also cost a large amount of money.So, if the Hong Kong government does not ease this harmful behaviour, more and more people will be influenced. Therefore, I hope that the government can implement some efficient measure which is about stopping these rubbish messages. I also advise that the government can increase the penalty to the company that spreads these messages.

  5. cho yiu 說道:

    Costly message affect the people very much because of the fact that it will need the mobile phone user to pay a payment in the message. In addition, the people disagree to gain this message from the company. Therefore, the Hong Kong government should create some serious laws to control the problem.

  6. ng 說道:

    i have received some junk messages before and i didnt feel good,that kind of meassages are nonsense,but luckily i havent been costed any money til nowi hope the company will stop doing such irresponsible thingsng wai lok 6b 16


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