Mobile users get message on costly texts

Mobile users get message on costly texts
Li Ho Chun

The Consumer Council now warns mobile phone users to be careful about the multi-media messages which are offered by some dishonest service providers. They claim that the messages, such as free download games and matchmaking services, which the mobile users receive, are free and without any surcharges. But the truth is that mobile users may face hefty charges. Most of the users tried to complain to the council. However, some of them consequently could not receive the compensation.

It’s such a shame that some users had to pay extra money for the messages. Hence, we have to be extremely careful of these outrageous messages. Otherwise, we will easily get into the trouble water. Don’t fool into a trap. We should delete these messages promptly. And don’t forget not to reply these messages.

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4 Responses to Mobile users get message on costly texts

  1. ChaRles 說道:

    I totally agree with u since recently, there are news about the mobile phone message which will cost u a hundred of dollor. Those message which are offered by some dishonest service providers too. Because of this message, we should be more careful to handle those terrible messages.

  2. Chiron 說道:

    yes! i feel that is a little bit tricky when i recieve some message from someone i dont know. they will ask me to reply ant the most annoying thing is that they pretend as your friends. that makes me sometime fall inti this trap. and i do think setting a law to protect us is really important because we will not fall to the trick.

  3. Nocturnes 說道:

    NG WING CHO 5AYes. You are right. I agree with you. Dispensable message is rubbish since we receive it reluctantly. Government should condemn the sender as there are lots of victims. Moreover, there are lots of methods to promote the product. If there are many messages , it will bother many people and it will disturb the frequency channel. It enforce the people to pay a huge payment. This will make lots of potential side effect and downside.

  4. Ka Nok 說道:

    i was suffered by these kinds of dispensable messages a year ago. i definately know the feeling of being victim and i want to sue the company at the moment. After i calm down myself, i realize that costomers are also response to be cleverer to choose a better sevice. The bigger problem is that companies were not considerate enough to promote new messages service. That is why such tragedy happens in our community.


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