Mobile users get message on costly texts

Moblie users get message on costly texts
Vicki Tam

The Consumer Council warns mobile phone users to be careful when replying to text and multi-media messages offering them free downloads or subscriptions to games, tests or matchmaking services as they may face expensive charges.

Nowadays, teenagers always send messages to the others.  In my opinion, sending messages is a good way to communicate with people. Consequently, I am so angry that the people send the charged messages to the others.  Some victims received a lot of messages which they are charged $5 each. If I am one of the victims, I will complain about the message services.  So, the best way that people can protect themselves is to treat their cell number with great care. If you’re online and someone is asking for your cell number, be very careful about giving it out.  Also, users should never disclose personal data to the third party on the internet.  Be careful!

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12 Responses to Mobile users get message on costly texts

  1. Tam ka ho 說道:

    I agree with you. Sending messages can make our friendship closer and enhance our interpersonnal skills. Hence,the charged messages are endanger us.They waste our money and time since we are inexperienced and ignorant. Therefore,I think the society should adopt some measures to put an end to this undesirable behavior。

  2. KA YEE 說道:

    Yes,sending message is an integral part of our lives.However ,if we are affected by the pricy and random charging,we may reduce the opportunities to talk to our friends and families as well as we spend the innocent money to the moblie messages.As a smart consumer ,we should send every message carefully!

  3. Sarina 說道:

    Nowadays,we usually receive some uncertain messages from strangers.There are some imformation provided in the message,and they are attractive to some moblie phone users.I think it is very necessary to raise the public\’s awareness about this issue since it has left to fester because no actions are being taken.Also,the government should set some laws for this hassle,and I believed that after all the precautions,such kind of messages will phase out gradually.

  4. yan yi 說道:

    this is no doubt that we should careful about the messages that come from stranger . also mobile phone users should alert any messages as there may be a trap . l rememenber that my mum had recived a message that she should pay 2doll to get this message . however , she was sure that should she pay it , so she ask for my opinion . lucky , l refused to accept this message .

  5. wong 說道:

    Last week, a tv programme shows that a student send about 170 messages to the other people who he didn\’t konw. Then, he didn\’t know that every message needed to pay $10 each so he needed to pay more than $1700 for the messages. It also be an anouncement to tell the danger of using the messages to send to the people that we don\’t know. So, teenagers should be careful about these kinds of cheating. If people accept the anouncement, people should check clearly about the charge of using that messages. If there are any problems, please stop it immediately.

  6. maki 說道:

    Yes!I agree with you. I also think sending messages is a good way to communicate with people since I think that way to to communicate with people would not annoy other people around you. Especailly when you are taking some public transport. Someone always like to talk to people with phone loudly and that was really annoying. So I think sending messages is a great way to communicate with people.

  7. ka kit 說道:

    I\’d like to add support to Vicki\’s posting. There are many traps arround us trying to cheat our money or even harm our personal safety. We should always think twice before providing our privacy to others, such as the ID number, the adress, the phone number and so on. What\’s more, under no circumstance should we give away our money without a clear picture of that service or product. Be careful!

  8. chan 說道:

    I agree with your opinion . In fact , many Hong Kong teenagers like sending sms more than using phone to communicate. Therefore, some bad guy will use some tricky way to get profit . I had also recieved these kinds of sms. But luckly , i did not reply it . Otherwise, i will fall in the trap. Hence, being a teenager, i think that we should be greedy and desire that there will be a free lunch for us. Eventually , i suggest that people ought to be extremely careful when they recieve these kinds of sms in order to avoid being one of the victim .

  9. WonG 說道:

    In my opinion, Mobile users get message on costly texts which is unresonable. Also, the pirated phone company is not only selfish but also warm-blooded.They use the illegal way to earn money from the innocent people. It is a bad tend. If everyone uses that kind of way to earn the benefits, they will accept the law from the government. Additionally, it send a message through this new which we should not open the informal message.Sometimes, people are curious that they want to know more secret from the strange message. Therefore, they select to open the secret. Obviously, the back of message is a trap that it makes people charge $5 each. To sum up, people should think more seriously when they attempt the strange message.

  10. KENGMAN 說道:

    It is common known that chatting with good friends and families by sending the messages is a good and effective way . Some selfish and self-centred people who make me very angry and unhappy is the bad model of the society .They must get the comeuppance of their terrrible behaviour . In addition , the public should be careful and never reveal your important and personal data to the third party at any conditions, such as identity and bank account . Then , you will keep yourself in safety .

  11. 智華 說道:

    Lin Chi Wa 5A (16)I think that mobile users get message on costly text is immensely unreasonable. Also, I think that the bussinessman are extremely selfishtoo, it is because they always think that money is the most important thing in the world. They always exploit the people who are very poor, so I think that the businessman are very unforgivable. In my opinion, I think that the government should make some laws to limit the bussineman.

  12. Kei Kit 說道:

    In my opinion, mabile can be good and it can be bad.Since the mobile can make you very convenience. Nowadays, many people will but Ipone But ,the piracted Iphone is not safe, then it will very dangerous. You should protect youself


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