Tiger Woods Admits Infidelity, Puts Golf Career on Hold

Tiger Woods Admits Infidelity, Puts Golf Career on Hold

Lo Hong Yiu

Tiger Woods admitted to infidelity and said he is taking “an indefinite break” from professional golf to focus on his family. He also said he will try his best to fix his family problems and be a better husband and father.

His infidelity has hurt a lot of people including his wife, his children, his friends and the public. Tiger Woods is deeply aware of the disappointment and regretful of his infidelity. He is profoundly sorry and that he asks forgiveness from everyone. We could see that how unhappy and miserable of Tiger Woods.

In my point of view, I love watching Tiger Woods plays golf and his happiness when he gets an achievement. He is the best golfer and one of greatest athletes of this era. He is the top of golf players in world ranking and he has won three U.S. Open titles and the Masters tournament and the PGA tournament each four times. He really enjoys playing golf and is a super golfer that he has gotten a lot of fans during the professional golf. It is too unhappy that Tiger Woods will leave the professional golf in future and he will have an indefinite break. It makes me feel upset and depressed when I heard this news.

But the news has taught us how to respect our family and maintain our family. If your husband or wife has an improper behavior, it will affect the relationship of your family and damage the loyalty between you and the other one. So we have to treasure our family relationship and respect to our lovers. Don’t make your family members leave as well as don’t cheat your family. The relationship of family is really important and lovely when you feel lost. So you must respect for your husband or wife and your children.


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2 Responses to Tiger Woods Admits Infidelity, Puts Golf Career on Hold

  1. chun yiu 說道:

    The wrong step led to a unanticipated our\\tcome , I thought Woods does not ever imagine the influence of his movement . He is the best golf player in the world , but he is not a good husban in his family , the relationship between him and his wife is more important than all the things since it is a strong support to him , he has to cherish it , I think .

  2. Kudō Shinichi 說道:

    in my view he only is a professional golf player but not a perfect man . he must make some mistake . i think these issues cannot cancel his success in golf . he is a superstar of sport even not is a good father and husband But i think he should mind his behavior and respect his family



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