Local “legends” steal the show

Local "legends" steal the show

Li Ho Ming, Nicky

This year East Asian Games was held in Hong Kong, and HK really did very well. In many different games HK won many medals. Hong Kong ranking the forth one in the ranking table, this was really on of the historical time of HK.

Moreover, Hong Kong football did their best, when the moment that they enter the final, it already touch many people heart, and they try their very best, at last they won the gold medal, it’s really a miracle. Although other sports also get good result, the football competition may become the spot of many people, it really encourage is since this is the first gold medal among the past 10 years. In my opinion, I think the football team performance is awesome, I have watch the whole match until the penalty kick. I felt excited since the entered the additional match, I deeply hope Hong Kong win at that time, all my family member felt as same as me too. When they win the match, we just like release the pressure. Also, I think Hong Kong people perform very well as a good audience, they give great courage to the Hong Kong football team.

I think this is the most interesting part in the East Asian Games. However, the government should have some improve, there are some empty seat in the stadium, it waste the chance for the people who want to watch the match, government should sell the ticket immediately when there is no people enter anymore, I think this will be an experience and they will do better next time.

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5 Responses to Local “legends” steal the show

  1. Ryan 說道:

    6A Wong Chun Kit RyanAs we all know, Hong Kong athletes did their best in this international competition,particularly of the soccer event.I deeply appreciate the spirit of the Hong Kong soccer player.Although they falled behind the Japan team at the beginning of the match,they had not been frustrated and got the goal subsequently.Therefore,I reckon that we should learn from them.

  2. Dicky 說道:

    6A Wong Sai Ngai DickyI was totally agree with your opnion.Hong Kong team really did their best.In this year East Asian Games,Hong Kong team show the "Hong Kong spirit" at all.Especially the Hong Kong Football Team.When they entered the final game.I just felt very excitied and hope Hong Kong can won the champion.At last,they did it.However,the problem which you mention.I think Hong Kong government should promote more in football.In the East Asina Game,we can see that the Hong Kong football have a bright future.So,i hope the government can do more.

  3. ben 說道:

    I agree that it is a miracle of Hong Kong too!Hong Kong altletes did very well in East Asian Games , just like the slogan- \’Be the Legend\’ . But I don\’t think Hong Kong citizens or even the government still give concerns on the local sport development after the East Asian Games , so I really feel disappointed to the Hong Kong government.I hope the government do not ignore the local sport development anymore.6B Ben Ho

  4. King Fung 說道:

    Yeah! I hope the government can support Hong Kong football. Football is a good game. I wish local football can become more popular in Hong Kong. Then, we keep to make miracle.

  5. Kudō Shinichi 說道:

    chow chin fungthe gold medal of football match is a great present in 2009noone thinks hong kong\’s football players that have this good results .This experience tells us that we should belive ourself . Never give up



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