It’s all about satin and lace

It’s all about satin and lace

Nicole Liu

Why would some of the people like to wear Lolita outfits when they go out? Some of them may also wear cosplay costumes. This is because of the wide spread of Japanese Culture.

People in Hong Kong and Taiwan are now following the fashion in Japan. The idea of wearing Lolita or Punk outfits and other cosplay costumes inspires people in Hong Kong and Taiwan. The article also implies that the influence of Otaku culture from Japan.

People in Japan love animation characters so they dress like the characters they like. Some of them even lock themselves at home, watching cartoons or comics and leave the real world behind. These people are called Otaku.

It is also because the movie showed few years ago, which is about a girl who likes Lolita and chase for her dream. The movie inspires girls who love Lolita that they are not in the wrong if they wear Lolita outfits.

People wear Lolita outfits because of the influence of Japan culture but some of them do not agree. As Lolita fans wear Lolita outfits when they go out, citizens may think they are different and weired. Some of the people on Internet are against to these Lolita lovers.

However, people who wear Lolita outfits may just want to protect themselves from the real world. They may face many stress and obstacles so they just want to live in their own world.

I think everyone should have their own interest and no one should against them if there is no harm. I think this culture is very creative because every Lolita dress is unique.


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7 Responses to It’s all about satin and lace

  1. Pui Ki 說道:

    More and more people like wearing Lolita outfits. They can really attract people because the dresses are very pretty. I have thought about wearing cosplay costumes but I know people will think that is weired if I drress as a cartoon character. Therefore, I have never worn Lolita outfits.

  2. LEO 說道:

    I see your point. I agree that we should not fight against those Lolita lovers. Lolita is a new wearing culture, the clothes are designed and made by the Lolita lovers, these clothes are their treasures. However, I am quite worried about their life in society. As the personality of some of these Lolita lovers is relatively introverted, they don\’t know how to communicate with others. However, as an artist, their Lolita outfits are very creative, and very eye-catching.

  3. 新伍 sam ng 說道:

    i agree with you!hk&tai wan is follow japanese fashion culture!many people like wearing lolita\’s clothes but i think lolita is belonging the comis!when i see the people wearing lolita i will feel very astonished

  4. sik kin 說道:

    i do agree with you. everyone have their different interests, and no one should change their mind.although some people think that the dress up is not good, they make our life more colorful.moreover, it helps some of them jump out from the confined world of their orginal life.

  5. Helen 說道:

    Although wearing Lolita outfits seems weired, we should not stop them from doing this.Everyone has its own style. We should respect their choices.And it dose not hurt anyone if they wear Lolita outfits.Besides, I do think that this culture is really creative.

  6. kairi 說道:

    Lolita outfits… … i always find them … … hehehehe… …

  7. Sham 說道:

    It is interestsing, Eachbody haves interest. 1B 19 Sam


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