It’s all about satin and lace

It’s all about satin and lace
Ling Hin

After I read this news, I think this topic is very interesting which is about Lolita–style of Japan. Sharon Man is a super–fan of Lolita–style who is a 15-year-old. She always wear Lolita outfits when she go out. However, some passerby was deemed that girl like a freak or monster. Just like me, sometimes when I walking on the street then see some Lolita or Punk costume enthusiasts, I also stare at them in amazement because their costume is very abnormal. Nevertheless, after I read this passage, I change my viewpoint of them. I understand they dress up like a doll that some teenage girls are still clinging to their bygone childhood. Also, they dress up that like a doll because this costume can make them comfortable.

Now, I think Lolita-style is a special culture of Japan. In recent years, this culture became famous in Europe, the United States and Hong Kong. I am surely deem it must have reason why this Lolita-style will became famous in the international city. Clothing is very personal, like an American pop star- “Lady Gaga”. Although her clothing and style is abnormal. She is successful now. So, we must respect people what they are interested.

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2 Responses to It’s all about satin and lace

  1. Peter 說道:

    Every new thing need time for people to digest and take up.This is the transition of this special Lolita culture now.From my point of view, Hong Kong people will take up this special cultue very soon as our ability of adopting new things are great.

  2. Ngo Yin 說道:

    I do agree that everyone has their own dressing style ,including Lolita style.I will rspect what their style is but at the same time I will not deny that I will still dare at them but just because of curiosity.Everyone has their own favour .We should respect them and don\’t laugh at the others


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