“Made in China” needs more than ad campaign

“Made in China” needs more than ad campaign

Li Mang

In the recent year, we often heard news about polluted food, drinks and toys etc. Most of them are made in China. This made the credibility of the firms in China sullied. Because people become mistrust of the goods made in China, they turn to buy things made in other countries with reputation.

For example, tainted milk has become sensation for a while. The producers used chemicals to act the protein in the milk powder in order to pass the test the quality by the government. Hence, the producers could gain a large profit by selling low quality milk powder. Those tainted milk powder caused a lot of babies sick and even died. These made people all over the world shocked. How can those producers ignore the life of babies in order to gain profit?

Then, more and more brand name milk powder produce firms have got into rumor. One of them even approved by country. Hence, people lost their faith of goods made in China.

Until now, government has not made a clear standard for all the goods produced in Mainland China, especially food and drinks. Therefore, many firm still produce low quality goods. This affects our life directly. If government still do nothing with the control of firms, the quality of goods will get lower and lower. Finally, no more consumers will buy the goods made in China. Even though government makes reassurance of the quality, people lose their faith forever.

In my opinion, government should set up more severe punishment for those firms which produce fake or low quality goods. Also, government should set a higher standard and check more frequently so that can make sure none of the low quality goods were exported. These can rebuild the confidence of the consumers too.



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7 Responses to “Made in China” needs more than ad campaign

  1. Pui Ki 說道:

    The food and drinks that are made in China are very unsafe because Mainland government do not have any implement to ensure the quality of the goods. People have lost their confidence after the news of the polluted powdered milk. I will not buy the "Made in China" goods anymore.

  2. Sin Ki 說道:

    i agree that the government should had a better supervision of the firms. it is important to stop producing those horrible products. it would harm chinese firms reputation and effect the economy of China. On the other hand, ther is a such large number of firms in China, it is really hard to check and supervise all the firms. So the Chinese government ought to try their best to get a best method in order to stop those things happen again.by 6a 21

  3. Cheuk kit 說道:

    In fact, I always think that the products which were made in China are unsafe for us to use.Due to the lack of examination or test by Mainland government , some businesemen will make low quality products to earn high profits. Therefore, the Mainland government should have the products\’ test more frequently and give some heavy punishment for the illegal businesemen to reduce the number of cases of low quality goods.

  4. IcE' 說道:

    In China, many manufacturers produce a large amount different kinds of low quality products in order that they can pack their own pocket since the costs are very low. Most of these products are harmful to people\’s health. The Chinese government should legislate and punish the manufacturers who produce illegal products.

  5. Angus 說道:

    I do agree with you. Although China become more stronger than the past, there are still a lot of problems with the quality of goods. As the food, drinks and toys mentioned in the article. In my opinion, \’Made in China\’ goods have poor quality. I suggest the government should supervise the goods much more.

  6. tommy 說道:

    i agree with you too. the people in china always use different chemicals to produce food. they did not think that the food is not safe to eat. they just want to earn more and more money. they use different method to get the product pass the standard then their product can be sell on the market. i thank the seller should do their best to make sure the food is not harmful to the one who eat it

  7. Sunny Wong 說道:

    I think new systems should be used in the aspect of quilty testing in China.Since the business-man have not concerned quailties of goods, a heavier punlishment can remind them.Also, reputation can be rebuilt after the new systems are used.I hope that the quailty of goods from China can have improvement afterwards.



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