The Camp

The Camp
4B Emily Tang

Before the camp, I hated to go camping which was held by school.  Since it was hard and boring, I disliked this!!!  However, I had other feelings after this camp.

    I was frightened when we arrived at the campsite.  It was serious of the trainers to talk to us.  dared not look at their eyes because I thought they stared at me.

After the briefing, we played games.  I liked our trainer as he was kind.  I enjoyed the camp more than the F.1’s.

    In my opinion, the most impressive scene was the second night.  It was very entertaining.  There were drama show, dancing show and singing contest.

We were the winner in the dancing show and singing contest.  Do you think we are the best?  Ha!  Ha!

    After these parts, we had a frenzied night.  All students danced together. Although we did that in F.1,I still enjoyed myself.  Unfortunately, I lost my comb while

I was dancing.  There were many interesting things I can’t tell you in detail.

    I know that we cannot play again like this. I lock all of the lovely memory in my heart.  I don’t think it was a waste of time going camping.  I will never forget these three days.

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2 Responses to The Camp

  1. Yip 說道:

    Ha Ha! In your words, I know you\’re really enjoyable because of this camp,right?I\’m same with you firstly because I also disliked participating in this camp.I thought it\’s boring too,and also lacked power.^,<However, I\’m now always recalling our memory!!

  2. 小欣Xddddd 說道:

    i thank this camp can improve our relationship with my class so i dont waste of time daisy


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