The Camp

The Camp
4C    Connie Chan

I  closed my eyes . I recollected about the camp from 9th November ,when I took the coach coming back to school.

In these three days, I was a member of the fifth team. The team was called ‘Will not lose’. Although the team member came from the same class, our class were not united,. I listened to the coach said ,’ Unite with all the members that can be united . ‘ Therefore , I believed our group could unite .

     An event was called ‘ All the People Pass across the bridge ‘ . In the game , we needed to think about how to pass across the bridge . I thought the game was very challenging . Furthermore , it was very meaningful and useful because it could develop our communication skills , leadership and team spirit . We discussed the ways of playing the game through which we could develop our communication skills and team spirit . I tried my best to play the game . Finally , our group finished the game quickly and very successfully .

    Finally , we held a singing contest . However , our class lost in this part . The cause of losing the contest was having no time to practice . The event could develop our sense of responsibility . I will always remember the song .

     In conclusion , the camp could cultivate our sense of responsibility , team spirit ……. It could open my eyes . If the school holds a camp next year , I will join the camp right away .

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2 Responses to The Camp

  1. Shuk 說道:

    There is a game called ‘All the People Pass across the bridge‘ . However, our team spent a lot of time to play. I think this game is the need teamwork to complete and this is a great challenge.Wong Shuk Lan 4D31

  2. wen 說道:

    Through the camp, I also learnt lots of knowledge and skills. And I understood \’Team Spirit\’ is important in the event. Actually, I felt hard but happy.If there will be an opportunity for me to take part in the next camp, I will not miss it!Cheung Ching Man 4A 33


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