The 3-day Camp

The 3-day Camp
4D  Ricky Ng

I was scared before going camping . In Form 1 , the same camp was held . It’s a terrible experience , but it’s also a great memory .

In Form 4 , it was a little different since the training was easier than the past one . Like ’ Superman Flying ‘ it only played once . The punishment was also easy .

The unforgettable activity was ‘ Climbing the Wall ‘ It’s a difficult challenge . We needed to climb up to the 3m wall and we could only use our body to finish that . It was so thrilling . It taught me the team spirit was important .

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7 Responses to The 3-day Camp

  1. 夜夜 說道:

    I think this camp is the best camp in my life, because it is exiting and funny

  2. Tze Kit 說道:

    I think this camp is very good in three years because it is so exciting. And we also can learn a lot of knowledge from the games.4A(P)Alex Kwan

  3. sw 說道:

    It is execting for me to have a camp because I like the camp very much .I hope we can have camp next time Cindy lai

  4. Scott 說道:

    I don\’t think the Form 1 camp is a terrible experience.I think that was a wonderful experience.I love all Form 4 go to a camp.It is because I like many people atmosphere.I hope we can have a camp again. Scott Wong 4A

  5. Christy 說道:

    Althought we faced lots of difficulties in the camp,we tackled this together. Also, we can improve our taem spirit too.

  6. kwokin 說道:

    Yes! I agree with you.I think the F4 camp is easy than the F1 camp.I join the this camp too.I think the unforgettable activity was Climbing the Wall. It was very tried.The camp trainning was very exciting.I feel very joyful.If I can play this camp again.I should join this camp again next time 4A winky fu

  7. 小欣Xddddd 說道:

    i thank so.this camp is very difficulties,but it is important because it is improve our skills so i will be join this camp next year daisy lau 4b@20


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