Our camp

Our Camp
4C Karen Tai

Last week, I joined an annual summer camp which was held by our school.

After this camp, I learnt lots of skills about how to be a good leader.

    On the first day, we arrived at the camp at 3p.m. We immediately started activities. Tutors demanded each class to separate into two groups. At first , I was very nervous because I was not familiar with my teammates. However, after several activities , we because riends .It’s exhausted for us to go back to the dormitory.

     Not only had a lot of activities the next day, but also they are very difficult. We Worried about the tasks could not be completed. The first activity was called ‘been’. To my surprise, this game had a lot of rules. Even worse, the activity was dangerous. However, everyone had his ideas, we tried to practice a few times. There were two Teammates injured. It was hard to decide which way to complete this game. At last,

we had successfully completed the task.

    On last day of the summer camp, the tutor requested each group to write something about the future.

    In this camp, I saw everyone’s team spirit.

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6 Responses to Our camp

  1. 樂兒 說道:

    I think the first activity is exciting. Althought this game have lots of rules, we can complete this game.We can strengthen friendship and solidarity.

  2. kA YaN.... 說道:

    Chan Ka Yan 4c 02I saw everyone\’s team spirit in the camp too . Howover, I can not saw anyone\’s team spirit after the camp .I hope we can gain a lot of outdoor knowledge and united spirit of the camp.

  3. Owen 說道:

    yiu kam ho 4c 32i think the camp was like a challenge for us,let us can got the team spirit.

  4. emily 說道:

    That was a memorable camp!!Although we faced many difficult situations, we didn\’t avoidI pround of you that you completed the game.ha!ha!

  5. Choi Lai 說道:

    I think this camp is very good as you can learn how to be a good leader.thiis camp was very fun.you can play some games with other leaders.you can make a lot of friends. You can use the skills in the future.I think this camp is good for you to know how to work with other people.

  6. A 說道:

    it is the happiest memory in my life.i think this camp is very fun, although I felt very excited and had fun, sometimes i had to do some difficult things . luckily our groups can resolve the problems. this camp was very memorable Especially when climbing the mountain,so in this camp i can learn Team spirit.But when i sleeping live in the upstairs is very noisy made me Can not sleep that is made me felt hate.



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