Our Camp

Our Camp
4D Christy Lau

Yes sir! Yes madam! We always said these two sentences in the camp.

It’s happy for me to join the camp .Our team trainer was very nice. Also, he taught us lots of things. I thought the most difficult game was hiking as there were lots of stones. We must tackle them. Luckily, there were lots of people to help me. Therefore, I thanked them very much. Also, I leant one thing which was if we face a      difficulty we must help each other to solve it together.

At night, after all the training our trainer took us to watch stars. I hadn’t seen any stars like that before. It’s beautiful. We saw Orion and Taurus in the sky. It’s difficult to see them in Tuen Mun.  Luckily our trainer knew how to chase the stars .If he hadn’t know anything about stars , we would have missed this good view.

In this camp, I leant how to face difficulties and team work is very important

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13 Responses to Our Camp

  1. HO YI 說道:

    yes,in this camp we can learn Solidarity and cooperation.this game was good for students4a(p)michelle

  2. Yip 說道:

    That\’s great!I enjoyed classmates shouting\’\’Yes Sir!Yes Madam!\’\’ because I felt a strong power.If our team\’s leader had taken us to watch stars,I would have been touch^.<Besides,I could also learn how to help my friends and tackle problems,and isn\’t easy to give up.

  3. Yiu 說道:

    Ather the camp,I was sore throat because i said too much \’Yes sir! Yes madam!\’,but I think it\’s worth it .Moreover,I could\’t see the Orion andTaurus in the sky because I have a short-sighted><If I have a chance to see again,I will bring my glasses!

  4. kit 說道:

    after he camp,i learned many thing, for example,team skillAND YES sir and Yes madam! in camp this sentences made me crazy

  5. yk 說道:

    Yes. Our team trainer was very nice. He taught us a lot of things. In the class maybe we can’t learn it. Although, I understand how to watch stars, it very beautiful. Moreover, we leant how to face difficulties and cooperating with other.

  6. 說道:

    Oh!This camp is very hard!Although is this,I can learn some things.This camp can increase the friendship between classmates.I hope my life have some this camp.Chester who is clever and in 4C

  7. 說道:

    Yes. I like them very much too!This camp made us increase our friendship.I want to go this camp again:)4A Joe

  8. Siu Man 說道:

    After the camp,I learn many thing,for example teamworkI think it is crazy of them to order me shouted Yes,Sir!Alought it is crazy,I feel very happy at thecamp

  9. Ho Tin 說道:

    Oh,that\’s great,i learn many thing in this camp and i quitely after this camp ,i hope i can join this camp angin4D Mr.TsangH0TiN

  10. 川豪 說道:

    oh!!!Yes madam!I remembered this scence,that was so funny.Wait a Minutes!you could watch stars!!!!That great,but I had not.As I very tired.The camp was very okay! BY. 4A Werewolf,Mr. Fong

  11. Vergil 頌 說道:

    NO, idon\’t think so man!!their games is very easy to me!Well~this is ture the trainer teach us to watch the start at light!!our teacher is call sam !He is very handsome Ithink!!who want to get his facebook or msn?? hey, you are not Mr.fong~you are Me.bran~ by 4D(p)Hndsome VERGIL~~

  12. cho yan 說道:

    YES!!We can help others and friends to face difficulty.Next ,we will have a wonderful life. by 4a yan

  13. cho yan 說道:

    YES!!We can help others and friends to face difficulty.Next ,we will have a wonderful life. by 4a yan



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