3-Day Camp

3-Day Camp
4C  Jade Yip

During the period of 9th to 11th of November, F.4 students and I had a memorable time.

  To me, the most unforgettable memory was on the second day. I remembered that we walked a long way, and so exhausted.

  At first, an instructor, Mr. Tsang led us to run into the forest quickly. Then, we saw there was a stream, and there were so many huge rocks. It’s dangerous for us to climb up the rocks.

  Luckily, it’s helpful of some classmates to take care of us. Scared, I didn’t dare to walk so fast. Finally, it’s exhausted for us to finish our hiking. Our team was the fastest one.

  After the experience, I deeply realized the team spirit between us. We must unite, and overcome all the difficulties. Moreover, I understood that we should support each other.

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3 Responses to 3-Day Camp

  1. Oscar 說道:

    I approve your view very much, because my group original manuscript has does not cooperate, thus causes completes the task not smoothly the situation, afterward everybody obtained the mutual recognition to be able to solve the problem. Everybody this time also knew how to take an association the importance.Oscar Yeung 4A(P)(29)

  2. Kyna 說道:

    4B-03-ChanPuiKi-MichelleYour opinion is my opinion , because the second day make us have a unforgettable one day, this day make us realize between classmates\’s team spirit

  3. Andy 說道:

    Yes,I agree with you!!!!!!It\’s was very wonderful memorable.!!!!!!!!!!!



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