Lai Tsz Shan, Helen (6B)

As a student, we should follow the rules at school. To make us learn effectively, teachers usually give students homework. However, most students feel annoyed if they have to do homework. Therefore, it is doubt that whether teachers should give homework to students. In this essay, I would attempt to write the pros and cons of doing homework.

First, practice makes perfect. Doing homework helps students to strengthen their knowledge. For examples, the more mathematics questions you have done, the more mathematics rules you can remember. Also, it is easier to know the skills of doing questions. Doing homework seems to help students to remember things in a faster time. As students do more homework, they will be familiar with what they have learned. Second, doing homework let students know about themselves clearly. When students do their homework, they will know how much they can understand the lessons. This will be shown by whether students know how to do their homework. Students then can do the follow up. For example, they can consult their classmates or teachers, so that they can learn what they do not understand.

Although doing homework is beneficial to students, there is a disadvantage of doing homework.

Excess homework may make students feel tired and stressed out easily. Students have to pay much attention when they do homework as they need to think. In fact, doing homework helps students’ revision. Making students feel that bad results are not what a teacher wants. Therefore, students should set up a timetable to arrange what should be done everyday. Hence, homework should not be accumulated until the last day, if students do their homework with arrangement, they may not feel tired easily.

In conclusion, doing homework is a good thing to students, it help students to understand the lesson. Otherwise, they may forget all the things easily. But one thing that helps students to do homework is in a relaxing condition. They should also have good time management.

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14 Responses to Homework

  1. Tsz Fung 說道:

    Yes, i think doing homework is good for us. Indeed, if we want to have a good result in HKALE, we should do more exercises, so doing homework is a chance to let students practice more. I think students do not want to do homework since they want to have more time to play with friends.It is a very serious problem that students do not have a good time management.

  2. Lily 說道:

    I think dong homework is good for the student. It is because it can help us to remeber some thing some the lesson. Also, it can let us to learn the skill from the questio. It is not only let them to know how much they can unerstand the lesson, but only can help they to strengthen their knowledage. I think that if we do not do our homework, it will forget all the thing easily. So, doning homework is good for us to review what we learn in the lesson.

  3. Kudō Shinichi 說道:

    chow chin fungi thnk no any students like doing homeworks. "practice make perfect " and "no pain no gain " Do homework is a necessary process to get better results in our public examination when you saw an excellent grades in HKALE. i think you will think your homework . it let you get high marks

  4. miuyee 說道:

    There is no denying that doing homework brings lots of advantages to students , it is a time for student to practise and check what they do not understand . Also , it is a opportunity for teacher to notice the academic progress of the students , no matter how , doing homework is necessary . There is a saying that "No Pay No Gain"….

  5. 說道:

    Ray YipObviously, I can see the points brought by the writer.I\’m afraid that I disagree with writer\’s point of view.First of all,doing homework is extremely annoying to students since most of them need to overcome big examinations and also heavy workload of homework.On account of this,students may not have adequate time to fininsh homework due tio its effectiveness. Nowadays,plenties of us tend to domore and more past papers instead of doing homework,because doing past papers is the key to be sucess.Thus, My suggestion is doing more past paper rather than finish homework,it is really time consuming and useless!

  6. Sin Ki 說道:

    it is very true that doing homework is good for the students because practice always makes perfect, just like the case you mentioned. However, if teachers gave students too much homework, it would be a heavy stress for them. They would be tired. Some of them can\’t suffered from it might use some fool ways to escape from the difficulties such as commiting suicide.Therefore, homework is important but it cant be a burden of the students.by Polly Pang 6A 21

  7. kairi 說道:

    I think you are right. Doing homework is necessary because it helps you to reinforce what you have learnt. In fact, too much homework can cause serious stress. I think as teachers, we somehow have to be rational when giving out homework. Some students think that they should not have homework because they think that doing homework is useless. I think this is an excuse for not be able to hand in homework on time. So the snowball effect appears. ^^Good time management is needed too. ^^

  8. kairi 說道:

    Ray, Remember what i wrote on your writing paper about homework? Remember to follow it. ^^Take care~KTChui (6B Class teacher and UE teacher) ^^

  9. manfei 說道:

    I also agree that "Practice make perfect" . In our society, there are many examples which show by the successful person that we should try hard on what we aim for and also practice it for many times . However , do homework also is the responsibility of every students . Although doing homework usually boring and use up most of our free time , but i believe that if we can set up a effective timetable and learn how to manage our time , we can also finish our homework in a relaxing way !

  10. 惠嫻 說道:

    Pun Wai Han I have never think about the advantages and the disadvantages of doing homework, because doing homework is our responsibility. There are many advantages of doing homework. For example it can recall our memories and what we have learnt in lessons. As Helen said it can strengthten our knowledge and practice makes perfect. Of course there are disadvantages of doing homework. Some students may think that they do not have enough time to do revision or dom not have enouhg time to sleep after they finished their homework. However if the amount of homework is resonable , I am sure we can finish our homework on time. The most important thing is to make a better time management.

  11. chun yiu 說道:

    Actually, Helen has told that benefits of doing homework and that\’s what I think.Generally speaking, it is the responsibility and honour of students to do homework.To take a look at the mainland, there are children who wish to have a chance to go to school.They are not willing to play or gather in school but to study so as to earn a lifing in the developed distract of China.They devote into doing homework.They may think of doing homework is the best thing in their life.

  12. Yip 說道:

    That\’s great! I agree that there\’re some advantages of doing homework.To begin with, doing homework can enhance our learning skills, so that we can gain a lot knowledge, right?Furthermore, it\’s important for us to train our critical thinking and develop our potential, isn\’t it?Nevertheless, as you say, doing homework may make students feel tired.Indeed, too much homework will cause stress for students easily.Besides, facing difficult situation just like too many school assignments may make student be at a loss.More seriously, students may get a depression because of too much pressure.In conclusion, it\’s extremely useful for us to do homework appropriately.However, as a student, we should set up a timetable to arrange what should be done everyday.From 4C Jade Yip Mei Kuen

  13. Donald Tang 說道:

    I agree that doing homework ise a good thing to students, it help students to understand the lesson.. Doing homework would bring lofs of advantages of doing homework. For study, it is important to do more practice. When we are doing more homework, we can gain a lot of knewledge. So it is a useful way to train our study skill.Especially, we need to practice our English language. Reading, speaking and writing are necessary to examination. Doing homework is a effective way to get more knowlegde.However, doing homework would make us to face more presure. Apart form examination and dictation, doing homwork is quite harmful. So we have to learn the time management!

  14. JCCSS 說道:

    Jade :)Yes indeed, students need to plan their time better. If not, they will have difficulties managing their time well. Students always stay up late for doing their H/W. In fact, does it really needed? I think they dont need to stay up late if they dont do their H/W in the last minute. ^^



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