Too Much Pressure

Too Much Pressure

Lin Shu Kao Ice 6B (11)


A teenager who attacked a neighbour with a 3.6kg dumb-bell after his studies and parental pressure triggered a psychological disorder. His parents instill the idea about  (of) “does not have the money then does not have the future (no money, no future”  for him unceasingly and force him to study  20 hours every day. It makes him suffered from the adaptation dysaynergia.  Then, his emotions get (got) out of control and uses (used) dumb bells to attack a female neighbor who has a good relationship with him.
       Nowadays, many parents hope their children will have a bright future so that they always instill the idea of study for their children and compel them to study. I think it will affect their children’s psychology (psychological) health since they are under (constant) high pressure for a long time. It not only can’t improve their results on study but also affect their health. So parents should get some applicable ways to teach their children.

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7 Responses to Too Much Pressure

  1. Ngo Yin 說道:

    I do agree that parents give too much pressure on us but I have a question: If they don\’t forced us to study will we study by ourselves?? Some may but most of us won\’t .I think that we can stand for a cetain level of pressure and we can release our pressure from differnt ways eg. eating doing sports listening to music… Thers\\e is no doubt that Hurrting the others won\’t be a good way!!

  2. Lily 說道:

    Nowadays, many parents always give too much pressue to their children. It will let them to have too much pressue. I think if our parents care or our study, they don\’t give much pressue to us. Moreover, I think if we have too much pressue, we can do something to relax.For instance, listening to muise, reading book, sleeping, eating etcelera. Also, their parents can get some relative way of relax to teach their children.

  3. tommy 說道:

    i agree with you. nowadays teenager realy face too many pressure. such as study, friendship, money etc. however, origanally pressure is a good thing it can help you to do more and try more. then the problem is teenager do not know how to express their pressure. and they will do many bad things to hurt the others. i hope teachers can help students to express their pressure. it can help them a lot.

  4. Pui Ki 說道:

    Some parents may be so strict to their children but they just want their children can be successful in the future. Since that, children will have a lot of pressure. They may have emotion problem or may be easily out of control. Therefore, I think children should express their ideasto their parents. Parents will know what their children are thinking about. Then parents can use a suitable way to teach their children and children will not have so much pressure.

  5. Kudō Shinichi 說道:

    chow chin fungI think that teenager is exceedingly hard-working .unfortunately he does not know how to release his pressure and choose an incorrect way to relax.pressure can force us do our besative results . But too much pressure make a negative one even we have great pressure , we cannot release our pressure illegally

  6. yi 說道:

    By Claire Kong 6A (07)In present,the academic results in Hong Kong community is very important to people, it will affects our future.If you get the good academic result ,you can have a bright future.If not , it will be a reverse.Therefore many teenage parents are really careful of their school work, and it caused a great pressure on them.Sometime the pressure may become a mental problem , like mental disorder. And they will lose their rationality and then do something dangerous which cause somebody get hurt.Therefore i think those parents should not force them to study every time , everywhere, but help their children to release their pressure.And this may improve their academic results as they will like to study more.

  7. ELinG 說道:

    6A Elaine Ng (18)These days,teenagers have too much stress in Hong Kong.The main reason is the results of study.And they cannot relieve the stress.I think that the stress is good for us.It is because it can improves our attitude of study.We will willing to work hard more.However,if we have too much stress,it will affects our development of mental .So,we shouldn\’t force them too much.And we should help them to relieve their stress.If everyone can like this,they will feel more relaxing and happy in study.


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