Shenzhen child kidnaps anger

Shenzhen child kidnaps anger                 

Mok Cheuk Kit, Jimmy 6B (14)


Two young boys are reported kidnapped for ransom and killed, while three other school children survived abductions or attempted snatchings. A woman is seen trying to lure pupils into a car. Worried parents and schools themselves send phone text messages urging families to pay special attention to children’s safety and whereabouts.

   In my opinion, the social security in China makes people worried. Although the kidnappers get the ransom, they still kill the hostages. This makes me think that the Chinese criminals are very cold-blooded and do not keep their promises. When I go to China for travelling, I will become more careful.

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4 Responses to Shenzhen child kidnaps anger

  1. Ho Yin Harry 說道:

    Yea. This problem is very serious in China. Even the parents are standing nearby the children, the kidnappers can still get their sons and run away. But I have never heard that they still kill the hostages after getting the ransom. It is incredibly horrorible to heard this tregedy and it is extremely not resonable. I think the Chinese Government MUST stricken the security to prevent this cases to happen so frequently. Moreover, since there is lack security in China, lots of terrible tregedies happen in cities such as Shengzhen and Guangzhou everyday. Those crimes not only steal people\’s wallet, but also steal other KIDNEY!! Such news sound common there but really does not acceptable. So the Government must do something to protect the citiens and the visiters, otherwise, no one will visit China any more.

  2. kairi 說道:

    Kidnapping in China has always been a serious problem. They dont just kidnap them, they also kill them even when they have the ransome. It is not surprising to hear that the two kids were killed. I think what the people in China do is to be more careful, especially those why have children. Police in China seldom help their people. THey would more likey to askf or money from your before helping. What they are doing is no different that the kidnappers.

  3. LEO 說道:

    It is extraordinarily horrible. This problem has existed for a long time in mainland, the kidnappers are cold-blooded as they killed the hostages even they have received the ransom. What I mean is, the hostages are just kids. Moreover, kidnappers will force those kids for prostitution, or sell them as servants, to earn a large amount of money. How cruel and inhuman they are!!!

  4. yi 說道:

    By Claire Kong 6A (07)I cannot agree more about your opinion.Obviously,kidnapping is very serious problem in mainland china.And most of the children who are kidnapped always cannot see their parents anymore.Some of them may kill by the kidnapper , also they may broken their limbs in order to let them to beg from the other and earn money.And these made me think that they are really inhumanity and like the demons. I have no idea that why they could do like this, those children are the innocents, they have no guilty.Also,this would be a nightmare to those children parents , as they always worried about their children in danger or not ?A strong invisible stress of mental will take place.So it is time the government to do something on it !


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