My summer holiday

My summer holiday
Tang Hoi Ying

Last August, I had a very boring holiday.

In my holiday, I just watched TV, went shopping and went to visit my grandmother. Everyday, I was very bored. Sometimes, I just stayed at home for the whole day, and played msn.

On 22nd of August, it is my happy day, it’s my birthday. Ms Chui and CW played with me. We sang karaoke together. That day, we went to many places after we ate dinner, we played for a while. When I went home, the time was 11:00a.m. We were very tired but happy.

In this holiday, it’s very boring. I don’t know what I can do! I want to have some funny holidays but I didn’t.

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22 Responses to My summer holiday

  1. 錦錦 說道:

    Me too,I also have a very boring summer holiday. I just played computer,but my friend and i went to play.I hope you next summer holiday is funny3A Wong Kam Ying(33)

  2. 閒雜人 說道:

    Hi I am 3A Mike TsangI think you squandered your time in your summer hoilday. However I am very enby that you can stay outside at home , I can\’t do that.

  3. 麗珊 說道:

    My summer holiday was boring too.. I alway playing computer games and play with my friends.Eeven though my summer holiday was boring but i am happyi hope your next summer holiday will substantial. wong lai shan 3A 34

  4. hiu tung 說道:

    I had boring holiday too,but I sometimes went to learn more thing or went to different place ,so I not feel very boring.I thing you can join some activities in holiday because you can make some friend.(Pang Hiu Tung 3A 25)

  5. kei chun 說道:

    I feel if you had friends sang karaoke,you are very lucky.Since i had boring holiday too. But I don\’t have other friends to go out with me.They just like playing computer game at home.Simon Yu

  6. 祿祿 說道:

    i agree with you.beause i also stayed at home everyday,so i felw very boring.sometime,i play basketball and play football on playground.i don\’t like boring day,i like playing with friends.3A Tse Pui Wing

  7. Hok.yi 說道:

    I saw you writing ,you had a very boring holiday , me too but you had a profound birthday ! I thing that is a good day , I very envy to you and happy birthday with you ! 3A Hok Yi Wong

  8. 333 說道:

    You can join to school actions.Even though I had a very boring holiday.Because I many time and friend go to play a computer.So I new thing play a computer is very boring.黃柏鈞

  9. 旭達 說道:

    In your summer holiday,you feel very broing.I feel very boring,too.Beacuse I only play computer games.I want to paly more game with my best friend! Iwant to have a happy holiday!(3A 26 Suen Yuk Tat)

  10. hoyin 說道:

    your summer holiday is very boring.because you just stayed at can doing something.example for go hiking,go camping and karaoke.I hope make friend with you!(3A 27 Tam Ho Yin)

  11. 說道:

    I think your writing techniques very good .I feel your holiday is very boring too .If you have find fd go interesting place ,you would not feel boring3a yu ka wai

  12. Neil 說道:

    I think you have a happy holiday,howevery you don\’t know.You have two friend,It is very worthwhile.Since find a friend is very diffcult.I hope you can join an ativities in your holiday.It is helpful for you.by3A Li YatMing

  13. Jeffrey 說道:

    luckly my whole summer holiday was very busy dating with girl .very hot hot girls you can call me out in next summer holiday ! i will introduce some girls to you

  14. kidden 說道:

    I was very unhappy in my holiday. Because i would leave GuangZhou and go to to HK.But luckly, i feel very happy in hk now. Kwan WaiHan

  15. in 說道:

    In your summer holiday you do more things ,for instance watched TV, went shopping and went to visit my grandmother but i will play football and play basketball your life is very boring lolokyin 3A23

  16. kiko 說道:

    Ling Tsz Ching 3A (22)my summer hoilday was happy , because mother and i went to travel three days two night .i think very happy , i buy a lot of souvenir too .

  17. HoYin 說道:

    I am sorry about you in this summer holiday . I think you can go trip or Ocean but you don"t plan your activities so you was boring in summer holidayI hpoe my suggestion can help youRicky Yip 3A 36

  18. tommy 說道:

    you are holiday was so boring, but i was go to take photo with my cousin and take photos for the new newly wedded.

  19. 說道:

    your holiday was very boring…also,my holiday was with my friend went to shopping.2B15

  20. 肥邱 說道:

    your summer holiday is boring.i hope you can have a funny summer holiday in next year!

  21. lee 說道:

    this is best

  22. 浩天 說道:

    this is best very i like this summer holiday .


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