My summer holiday

My summer holiday
Yuen Chun Yu

Last month, this is my summer holiday. This holiday is so funny and exciting. I am going to tell you now.

In the holiday, I went to the Ocean Park with my best friend – Alan. When we arrived there, it was so crowded. We waited for 15 minutes to get inside. In the Ocean Park, first, we went to play the rides. There were so many rides, for example, roller coaster, the dragon and the Abyss. It was so exciting. Next, we went to have lunch in KFC. The food was delicious.

Finally, we went to see the pandas. They were funny. Lastly, we went home at about 6 o’ clock.

This is my happy holidays.

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5 Responses to My summer holiday

  1. 新新 說道:

    In summer holiday, you go to Ocean Park with my best firend.I think you feel so feel happy in summer holiday3a Leung Yu San

  2. 閒雜人 說道:

    Hi I am 3A Mike TsangIn your writings I have something is not understand. Is Ocean Park have KFC? What do you eat in KFC? You are very lucky because I went to Ocean Park too, but I can\’t see pandas.

  3. hiu tung 說道:

    Your holiday is great!You can go Ocean Park with your best friend and they can see a lots lovely things so I think they were very happy.I want to go Ocean Park with my best friend too,but I thing I can\’t .

  4. HoYin 說道:

    I think KFC is not cheap and you maybe rich .You go Ocean Park can join me next times?I agree you the pandas is very funny.Ricky Yip 3A 36

  5. 333 說道:

    Your summer holiday I think is actually funny.Because you can go to Ocean Park with your friend.I at most in my home and my friend play a computer.And go to school join to school to make up a missed lesson.Wong Pak Kwan


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