My summer holiday

My summer holiday
Yeung Yung Chin

Last August, I had a very interesting holiday.

 4th August is my friend Winnie’s birthday. Winnie, Winnie’s parent, Winkie, Terry and I went to sing karaoke. Winnie, Winkie and I sang many songs. We sang Cantonese, Chinese and Japanese songs. Winnie’s father sang some Japanese song too. We thought he is very cool! We clapped after he sang. After we sang karaoke, Winnie’s parents, Winkie and Terry went home first. Winnie and I went to bookshop. I bought a book for her birthday present. She liked this parent because she loves reading too. Then, I went home with her.

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13 Responses to My summer holiday

  1. 錦錦 說道:

    WO!Your summer holiday was very interesting . I also like to go to bookshop to buy a book and I also like reading too.Do you have many funny book? Can you land with me? 3AWong Kam Ying

  2. Jeffrey 說道:

    i \’m wondering Winnie father is a Japanese ?He can sing Japanese song ?i love Japanese song too!I\’m going to ask him to teach me how to sing Japanese song TANG CHI HIN 3A

  3. 說道:

    Japanese song is pleasant to hear ,so i is very love Japanese song,you on Last August, is very interesting holiday.3a yu ka wai

  4. 麗珊 說道:

    Your summer holiday was very substantial! Sing karaoke , i alway sing Korea song with my friends!My friends and i also like korea a star. I think your summer holiday was interesting too!wong lai shan

  5. 祿祿 說道:

    i want to go to sing karaoke,but my mun don\’t want to me to sing friend\’s birthday day on August,so i can eat many food.i felw happy with my friends.3A Tse Pui Wing

  6. kei chun 說道:

    Japanese song?Winnie’s father is very clever.I tried to sing Japanese song last year but I can\’t follow the lyrics or words of a song.They are fast and I don\’t what they talking aboutSimon Yu

  7. Hok.yi 說道:

    Last August , You had a very interesting holiday but I had a very boring holiday , I sleep in that holiday every day , I very admiration to you , you had very full holiday!3A Hok Yi Wong

  8. Neil 說道:

    You are interesting holiday was very exciting,I think winnie was very too.Howevery I don\’t like reading.by3aLiYatMing

  9. 閒雜人 說道:

    Hi I am 3A Mike TsangAre you know Japanese?How do you learn Japanese?I learned Japanese too,but my Japanese is not good

  10. 旭達 說道:

    In your holiday, you feel very happy,but I feel very boring!You sing karaoke,you feel very happy?I only play computer games in home!I want to have a happy holiday! (3A 26 Suen Yuk Tat)

  11. hoyin 說道:

    your summer holiday was very interesting.beacouse you went to your friend\’s feel very can sang Cantonese,Chineses and Japanese can very smart.(3A 27 Tam Ho Yin)

  12. 說道:

    Y0`,,I have a friend is Winnie’s birthday too`!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!But in holiday i feel very very boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!0口0JuDY`!

  13. BF 說道:

    Not bad, but still room to improve. Try to read more books to learn from other authors


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