My summer holiday

My summer holiday
Lai Tik Yan

Last month, I had a great time in summer holiday. I felt this summer holiday is more interesting than other holidays.

In the morning, my friends asked me to play football in the football pitch. Luckily, I defeated them because I played football very well. I said, ”If you always play football, you can play very well too, haha.” They were so angry. Then, we went shopping in Mong Kok.

At about 2 o’clock, we arrived there. Although there were lots of shops, we only wanted to buy CDs and books. After two minutes, I saw a CD shop. There are so many good CDs.

In the afternoon, I took a bus back home.

That day, I had so much fun.


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5 Responses to My summer holiday

  1. kidden 說道:

    I\’m very happy to know your interesting holidays.Kwan WaiHan

  2. HOI YI 說道:

    l think you have a very good summer holiday too.l think you can buy more think in Mong Kok,because l like go to there shopping too.there have mane think to buy.CHUNG HOI YI3a07

  3. Yip 說道:

    Ha Ha! I think you really enjoyed your summer holiday,right?But, while you\’re playing or shopping with your friends,don\’t forget to do your homework,right?~^^~

  4. miKe│逸__ 說道:

    I dont think i have a fun holiday , the holiday is very enjoyed holiday_but i do not think so2b ma tsz yat

  5. kwan ting 說道:

    Oh! I think you have a good summer holiday too! you is the best!


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