My summer holiday

My summer holiday
So Kin Wai

In the holiday, an event is the deepest in my memory.

One day in the morning, I was in China. My mother, father, brother and I went to visit my grandparents. We traveled there by bus. When we were traveling, a man caught my mother’s necklace swiftly. However, when the bus was stopping, the man couldn’t catch my mother’s necklace. Then, he got off the bus. After I encountered this event, I was very frightened. So that I don’t like going back to China for now.

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5 Responses to My summer holiday

  1. 永杰 說道:

    Summer holiday is a good times.they should do ponderable a job.For example a part time.They should treasure time. 3a 李永杰

  2. Jeffrey 說道:

    me too !i think travel in china is very danger .there are always lots of thieves there !I have some frightened experience when i \’m travel in China too !TANG CHI HIN 3A

  3. 說道:

    On summer holiday is a good play times .I think you should to use this time to play and you should not just in the home. 3a yu ka wai

  4. CHUN 說道:

    on your summer day , sure is you gd times . T0W7O

  5. pk 說道:

    good story ,too funny,


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