My family member

My family member
Leung Tse Ying

My mother is called Cindy. She is a housewife. She takes care of me for 13 years. She is very kind and very sporty. Every Sunday, she plays badminton with her friend. She never gets angry with me. She is 38 years old, but she forever looks young to me. She always enjoys cooking. Her cake is the best. When I am hungry, I will remember her. She sings songs in Cantonese and English all the time. I love my mother. I have a father and sister. My father is 45 years old. My sister is 5 years old. I love my family. My family is everything to me. It is the most important part of my life. What about you.

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34 Responses to My family member

  1. 說道:

    I Love my family too`^_^ ( good`…….)

  2. charlene 說道:

    you have a good mother , a good father and a good sister. so luckily!!i think your family is very lovely.3A kwong chung yi

  3. chui ying 說道:

    Your mother is very kind with you. I feel you writing describe your family is very good. My mother is a housewife too. I have a brother.He is not kind to me.3a18 Leung Chui Ying

  4. CHENG 說道:

    I think your mother is very enjoy her life.You must have good relationship with your mum^^ Do you playing badminton with her?I think your mum is very funny~ -_______-;3A CHENG YEE NGA

  5. Mark 說道:

    Your mother is a good housewife!She can take care with very well!and that your mother cooking is very nice!I think you can grow up very well!3a HoManCheung

  6. 新新 說道:

    You mother is very clver,my mother also like sing song too.I think you also like your mother.In home, you also feel happy?3a Leung Yu San

  7. Brian 說道:

    i think you have a happy family,you have many family member to play with you.i think were love you. i think were smart because she take care you when she was 13 years

  8. 永杰 說道:

    My mother always cook the best,I love her very much,she is a housewife.Many mother always takes care herbaby. 3a李永杰

  9. Ray 說道:

    I think you are lucky because you have a sweet mother.Remember!It\’s too few sweet mother in this world

  10. Unknown 說道:

    i have father sister and brother!!!my mother is very kind tooo..but she is not sporty.she hate do exercise!!although she is lazy,but she do hursework and cook dinner to me every day!!i love my family tooo…they very nice!!!!

  11. HOI YI 說道:

    l think your mother is nice too.And l think your mother is hard.Do you help your mother to do housework?l think she will very happy.And l like my family too.CHUNG HOI YI 3a07

  12. ngai LuN 說道:

    My mother is a bus driver ,she is ver busy, she never play with me.When I am do the wrong things,she will get angry with me, but she wants me to improve.

  13. 小詩. 說道:

    I Love my family too,and I Love your article,You article is very good.I feel you have brilliance of mind.I hope you can keep on write more article to give we to read.I look forward to your next new article.I hope you can improvement .3A Chau Wan Sze.

  14. Louis 說道:

    If you have to take care of your mother for 13 years and very polite so i think your mother and a good mother, but if you say your sister is 5 years old, I am a bit Do you understand and you think the family you all, i think this very good.3a06

  15. kit 說道:

    That great!~

  16. Kam Fai 說道:

    Your sister is 5 years old then how old you are

  17. tommy 說道:

    You mother is very hardwork and sporty,my mother is sporty too,i have one brother,i love your family too

  18. 楚淳 說道:

    you mother is very sporty,buy my mother do not like.if i were you,i would be happy.

  19. 子杰 說道:

    you mother is cleververy hard working if i were you i would happy =]

  20. 祖儀×° 說道:

    My mother is a kind housewife. I love my mother too. 1BLaw Cho Yee(Joey)

  21. 說道:

    Your mother very nice,i like plays badminton too, i love my family too

  22. 廢紙 說道:

    my mother likes cooking too but not yummy .l don\’t like my mother cooking .So l like go out to eat .l hope l can to try your mother cooks.2B 24

  23. 文曦 說道:

    your mother look likes very young,look like 18years old????She playing badminton is very good?i think your sister is good.but i have not sister and,you should love your sister forever 2B 23 孫文曦

  24. Bibiii 說道:

    You mother is very kind and careingwhat the cake you like best?you like cook with you mother?i like cooking very much!haha…Annie Tse 251A

  25. 膠兒x小布 說道:

    your mother is very kindyou like cooking?I like cooking so muchand i like my family too!yumi lai 1A12

  26. 說道:

    oh-..- my mum called Helen ….I love my family too : )Good *v*

  27. sheepbook 說道:

    You have a good mother and she is strong.She look like superwoman.My mother is always angry with me.1A leung kong kwan

  28. 咩咩 說道:

    Your article is great.Your mother is very young.You is a good writer. Che Choi Lam1A02

  29. Tszying 說道:

    Thank you for your comments guys…Thank you so much 1a18 Leung tszying

  30. 咩咩 說道:


  31. 倩文 說道:

    my mother matelote is very declicious,so I like her cooking,In my heart she forever is young l love her is very much1a 蔡倩文

  32. 福誠 說道:

    You very like your motherI love my mother tooThe article is very so good!!1A Ng Fuk Shing

  33. 說道:

    Hi,you mum forever looks young ?=.=彥

  34. 咩咩 說道:

    HI che choi lam


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