My family member

My family member
Michael Yuen

My cousin is called Cyrus, he is a student, he is 15 years old. He is clever and kind.

He likes reading magazines and hiking, he sometimes goes hiking with me and his friends. He lives with my brother. We always play TV games and computer games too. He also likes playing tennis and table tennis. We play tennis and table tennis together.

If we have free time. We will play TV games too. I always chat on MSN with him. We are happy if we are together.

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9 Responses to My family member

  1. iu 說道:

    l have family called Cyrus but he was dead,l envy you have friend can play more game for you ,becouse l have not friend/_\\3A 12何家耀

  2. MING FAI 說道:

    I think your cousin is good student.I go hiking with friends too,this is fun.If i have free time ,I want to go hiking with you and your cousin^_^3A 11 Fung Ming Fai

  3. MAN 說道:

    You are very lucky !Because you have your cousin to play WITH you~i never chat on MSN with my cousins and i can\’t remember their name!!But i am lucky too~~because i have a sister ~she calls RD~i always talk to her and we are very friends~hahaaa…3A(02)

  4. tl 說道:

    oh !Your cousin is very playful.I think your have ADHD(Attention Deficient and Hyperactivity Disorder )^_^.You can go to play more sports because it is lively.0.0 If you want to play ,you would do your homework first.@@3A 09 fongtinglam

  5. LeO 說道:

    I think your cousin and you are very friendly,so time playing,so time watching TV,I think this is very warm and fragrant.I hopy you and your cousin can keep it up.3A 10方偉強

  6. chui ying 說道:

    I think you writing is describe you family activities is good.Your cousin is playing game everyday. I like reading magazines and hiking. I have a cousin is very cute.3a18 leung chui ying

  7. Christy 說道:

    Your cousin is very sporty. It\’s good for you to do more exercise with him.

  8. 說道:

    I think your cousin and you are very friendlyI hopy you and your cousin can keep it up.

  9. Rachel 說道:

    I think your couain is very healthy,becouse he like hiking and piaying table tennis.


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