My family member

My family member
Kwong Ka Yiu

My brother called Tommy. He is a student. He is 15 years old. He’s sporty, handsome and clever. (including me)

He likes playing online games and playing basketball. He often plays online games with his friends on Sunday. He always plays basketball on Monday. Sometimes, he tells interesting things about his school. His teacher always punishes him because he doesn’t finish his homework.

Although he is clever, he always fail in his tasks. He makes me laugh when I am blue. His dream job is doctor because he hopes he can help a lot of people.


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7 Responses to My family member

  1. ngai LuN 說道:

    I have three sister but they never play with me 😦 When I don,t know how to do the homeworks they will teach me, they are kind :)by 3a(03)Chan Ngai Lun

  2. iu 說道:

    l think your brother is very strong ,because you tall your brother is sporty.what your brother name?l think we canmake friend,because l am sporty and clever too.3a 何家耀

  3. Mark 說道:

    I think your brother is a nice man…I have one brother…but he is a fat,because he don\’t do movement..I should be a fit guy…because I also play basketball…3a Ho Man Cheung

  4. Dennis 說道:

    I have a brother too. Although he is clever than me , I am not give up to catch up him Your brother want to be a doctor so what about you?3A Dennis

  5. charlene 說道:

    Your brother is very funny and interesing!!You have this brother is very also can plays online games with his friends on Sunday too.3A kwong chung yi

  6. Yip 說道:

    Do you love your brother?^,<(Of course I think so^^)So, If your brother feel frustrated, will you also make him laugh?As you say, your brother has dream job for himself, what about you?

  7. 說道:

    I have a friend called tommy too : ) Good; ]


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